The Unraveling of the United States

Map of a balkanized United States, from the work of fiction by James Howard Kunstler, “World made by hand”.

This very long blog post contains pointers to articles and videos that hint at a brewing civil war in the not so United States. Date: 2018 and after. Give it a minute or two to completely load, it is that long.

From now on, new entries will be posted from the top.


[] – Joe Walsh on what the left doesn’t get: TrumpWorld “would happily burn this country down”

[] – Imagine another American Civil War, but this time in every state

[] – The next US civil war is already here – we just refuse to see it

[] – Is the US really heading for a second civil war?

[] – 3 retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection

[] – Are We Really Facing a Second Civil War?

[] – Is a Civil War Ahead?

*** Older entries below ***

[] – America’s death march: Whoever wins, this election won’t save us

[] – The Unraveling of America

[] – United States: An Obituary

[] – Our nation is permanently fractured

[] – A Second Civil War? Robert Reich Explains What Happens When a President Claims our System is No Longer Trustworthy

[] – What Democratic Rage Would Look Like

[] – New American Civil War? Some people think it’s already begun

[] – Congressman warns US heading towards civil war – 31% of Americans agree

[caffeinephilosophy] – On the coming civil war

[] – Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?

[] – The White Nationalists Are Winning

[] – Book review: ‘American War’ — a grim novel about a second American Civil War

[]. Worlds Made by Hand. Map from James Howard Kunstler’s “World made by Hand”, depicting a fractured (“balkanized”) America.

[] – Donald Trump tells Nato allies to spend 4% of GDP on defence
(Translation: Donald Trump wants to the Europeans to have a strong army, so they can bail out white America if the shtf)

[] – Is America headed toward a civil war? Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun

Willy Wimmer, who was a member of the German government in the nineties, says here in August 2018 that America is “increasingly heading for a civil war” [9:30].

[] – Thomas Friedman, The American Civil War, Part II
I began my journalism career covering a civil war in Lebanon. I never thought I’d end my career covering a civil war in America. We may not be there yet, but if we don’t turn around now, we will surely get where we’re going — which was best described by Senator Jeff Flake on Monday: “Tribalism is ruining us. It is tearing our country apart. It is no way for sane adults to act.”

November 25, 2018 update

[] – Melting pot or civil war (book review)
[] – Civil war threat looms for divided America
[] – Slow motion civil war
[] – America’s civil war ghosts rise again
[] – Rhetoric, Violence and Civil War – the Balkanization of America
[] – Is America headed for a new civil war? Fury, violence and now bombs show a US deeply divided
[] – Russia Predicts Next Presidential Election Could Cause a Second American Civil War
[] – A New American Civil War Feels Closer Than Ever After Pittsburgh
[] – Is America headed for civil war?
[] – What should Canada do if there’s a civil war in the U.S.?
[] – How close is the United States to a civil war?
[] – What are the chances that America’s disunion turns into Civil War?
[] – Another ‘Civil War’? Pessimism About Political Violence Deepens In A Divided Nation

[] – America’s Next Civil War Will Be Worse Than Our Last

[] – Giuliani: If Trump were impeached ‘the American people would revolt’

[] – Trump: People will ‘revolt’ if he’s impeached

[] – Obama: “rabid nationalism” and racist ideology lead to civil war.

[] – How this civil war might differ from the previous one

[] – How close is America to another civil war?
[] – Where’s the outrage over Hillary’s call for a ‘civil’ war?
[] – What a new U.S. civil war might look like

[] – America’s cold civil war
[] – Leave the Cold Civil War Cold
[] – Is France showing us what America’s next civil war will look like?

[] – The Civil War on America’s Horizon

[] – The Coming Civil War


[] – Russian official cancels U.S. visit, saying ‘Second American Civil War’ is underway
[] – The president is leading America into a second civil war
[] – Should we be worried about a second Civil War breaking out in Trump’s America?
[] – Far-right survivalist and icon of ‘Patriot’ movement predicts religious civil war

Newt Gingritch

[] – In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

Bernstein: Trump playing to base could ignite ‘cold civil war’

[] – Civil War Coming to America?

[] – Jim Bakker Warns That ‘Civil War Is Coming to America’

[] – Area 45: The (Second) American Civil War? With Victor Davis Hanson

[] – Donny Deutsch: “I Believe Donald Trump Is Not Beyond Starting A Civil War” To Keep Power

[] – Don’t let the Left Trigger a Civil War: Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

[] – Is America on the Brink of a Civil War?

[] – A New Armed American Revolution: Could It Happen Soon?

[] – Christian rightwingers warn abortion fight could spark US civil war

[] – America is edging closer to civil war [full article]

[] – Is the US going to have a second civil war?

[] – Exposed: the Republican who stokes fears of civil war and fuels conspiracy theories (May 2019)

[] – May Update on the “Second American Civil War” (May 2019)

[] – Thomas Friedman Responds to Trump By Detailing Call: You Are Tearing the Country Apart

[] – America stumbling towards civil war one terrible tweet at a time

*** UPDATE 06-10-2019 ***

The president crossed the Rubicon last week in suggesting that an impeachment could lead to a “civil war-like fracture”.

[] – Trump circulates quote invoking ‘civil war-like fracture’ if he’s removed from office

[] – Armed Militias Are Taking Trump’s Civil War Tweets Seriously

[] – Why voters stand with Donald Trump over controversial ‘civil war’ impeachment tweets


[] – Rush Limbaugh: America is in the middle of a ‘Cold Civil War’

[] – Pelosi, Schiff may get the Civil War they are fighting for

[] – Civil War Part Deux? A little Humor in these times of Crime and Incitement


[] – Bill Maher Vows To Tone Down Anti-Trump Wisecracks Because He Fears New Civil War

*** UPDATE 24 November 2019 ***

[] – Why Trump, Facing Impeachment, Warns of Civil War

[] – Civil War Begins When The Constitutional Order Breaks Down

[] – Will America’s Billionaires Start a Second Civil War?

[] – Radio Atlantic: How to Stop a Civil War

[] – Provocative Atlantic asks how civil war can be avoided

[] – Rising political divisions are fuelling thoughts of a new American civil war. But could it really happen?

[] – About the coming civil war (our third)

[] – Second American Civil War Map

[] – Are We Headed Toward a Second Civil War?

[] – A Republic, But Only If We Can Keep It – How the Second American Civil War could begin.


[] – How America Ends, A tectonic demographic shift is under way. Can the country hold together?

[] – Is America on the brink of civil war more like a coming reign of terror

[] – How to Avoid Civil War: Decentralization, Nullification, Secession

[] – Will Americas billionaires start a second civil war

[] – Almost 70% Of Americans Believe Civil War Is Imminent

[] – We Are On The Verge Of A SECOND Civil War In The US According To Harvard Political Scientists

[] – How to retreat from the brink of civil war

[] – Kira Davis: The Coming Civil War


[] – Trump Impeachment And The Civil War Scenario

[] – 44% of Black Voters Say Civil War ‘Likely’ Within Next 5 Years

[] – ‘My .357 Magnum is comfortable with that’: Supporters threaten ‘second Civil War’ if Trump is removed

*** UPDATE 29 December 2019 ***

[] – The Coming Second Civil War in America: Part One
[] – The Coming Second Civil War: Part Two
[] – The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

[] – America, An Empire on its Last Leg: To be Kicked Out from the Middle East?

[] – Russia WON’T Intervene in Iran, the US Will LOSE a War Against Iran, This Is the Beginning of the End of the US Empire

[] – Maher Interviews Pelosi on Trump Impeachment, Warns of Civil War

Civil war warning 9:00-9:10

*** UPDATE March 8, 2020 ***

We started this thread in November 2018, when it began to dawn upon us that a civil war in the US a real, albeit still remote possibility.

Update June 2020. A lot has changed since our last update, March 8 2020; keywords Corona and George Floyd. BLM uprisings, most of all in the US and UK. Historically attacking statues of the opponents is a precursor to war. All the signs are that the US are on the verge of a racial-bolshevik revolution. The Dems and Reps have developed in real war parties and no reconciliation seems possible anymore. The only way out of a fracturing of the country, a la the USSR-1991, that fell apart in 15 pieces.

[] – 40% of GOP Voters Think Civil War Likely

[] – Metropolitan police chased out of the capital by BLM/Antifa thugs

Nation-wide toppling of statues of founding fathers means eventually the toppling of the old United States and its constitution. Here in Raleigh, situated on the wrong (dark) side of the Appalachians and as such expendable.

Statue of Confederate general Albert Pike toppled in Washington DC

Seattle, “autonomous zone Chaz”. Beginning of the fracturing of the United States, setting a nice pretext for US white nationalists to follow.

Our hunch of how the US will be fractured: largely along ethnic lines: SW, will be reabsorbed by Mexico, restoring early 19th century borders. Independent SE, with capital Atlanta; basically everything East of the Mississippi River and Appalachians. Independent Heartland, between Rockies and Mississippi River, Appalachians and North of River Red in Texas. A New Israel in New York City and Upstate New York. Furthermore some fractured states in the Rust Belt. New England will probably sooner or later be reabsorbed by Old England. The US will disappear from history, much to the delight of Eurasia. The East and West coasts will become the new fly-over countries and the Heartland will become a junior partner of the EU, with a post-Breton Woods, post-dollar-reserve currency of ca. $30k/capita.

*** UPDATE JULY 2020 ***

We’re more than 2 years into this thread, as well as a pandemic, the Floyd George catalyst point and the BLM movement of proletarian shoppers and statue topplers. According to some, it is merely a matter of a few months now until “the bear will go lose” (Dutch proverb) or the boogaloo (CW2). The November elections won’t help pacifying things either.

No statue is safe anymore in Anglosphere

Our prediction of how North-America will look like after the “boogaloo”: a white ethno-state, coinciding with the Mississippi River basin. A black-nationalist state in the South-East, with capital Atlanta and everything West returns to Mexico. Alaska becomes a Russian protectorate. The difference with similar social developments in Russia in 1917 is that this time around massive, decisive foreign intervention is to be expected in the boogaloo, when the US empire will go the way of the dodo, probably overnight, comparable to 1989. The Trump years can be seen as the US variety of Glasnost in the USSR.

Armed black-nationalists appear on the streets

China is clearly anticipating something and no longer shows any respect for either the US nor UK:

[] – Chinese state media says double US aircraft carrier deployment to the South China Sea is ‘at their pleasure’ and they could destroy them at any moment with missiles in chilling threat

[] – Hong Kong: Chinese ambassador warns UK over ‘interference’

China apparently feels strong enough and effectively has unilaterally cancelled the 50-year agreement with the UK about the status of Hong Kong. The embarrassing anarchic developments in both the US and UK are no doubt an important reason for this behavior.

*** Update 10 October 2020 ***

*** UPDATE 11 October 2020 ***

[] – Yes, We Are Headed for Violent Civil War

[] – Scott Ritter, America on cusp of a Civil War: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power

[] – Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified if the Other Side Wins

[] – Robert Reich, Amid talk of civil war, America is already split – Trump Nation has seceded

[] – America could be heading towards a second Civil War

[] – Disunited states: Could a second Civil War — and an end to the union — really happen?

[] – A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans

[] – Break It Up: Secession, Division, and the Secret History of America’s Imperfect Union Hardcover – Illustrated, August 18, 2020

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