Canadian MSM Fears Civil War and Breakup of the United States

The identitarian Samuel Huntingtonesque world order we have been predicting since 2014, has just come a huge step closer. The term “The West” will be cancelled and replaced by “The North” or “Eurosphere” or “Boreas”, to accommodate the Russians.

On January 2, 2022, the Canadian Globe and Mail posted an article with the title: “The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. Canada must prepare”. They fear civil war and a breakup of the United States. They wonder how Canada should prepare for that event. Perhaps Britain should do that too. The post-WW2 Anglo order is going down.

Again our prediction: the EU, Russia, China and England will fight for new spheres of influence in the hapless North-American territories. Down Under goes to China, Alaska to Russia, Quebec to France and England can have Anglo-Canada. Finally, some meaning pumped into Brexit. And China could very well acquire a foothold in Vancouver. The EU will absorb Russia and Ukraine and Heartland USA (Confederacy 2.0), as somebody needs to contain China.

And Germany will have won WW2. In extra time.

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Eurasia will be the center of the world, once again, after a short Anglo-American century diversion. This map is of Chinese origin and implies an invitation to Greater Europe to set up a new world order, together with China. China has no ambition to take over the world.