What Comes After the Three Anglo Empires?

[Zerohedge] Since ca. 1600, the Dutch, British and American empires respectively have dominated the geopolitical landscape in succession, during an era known as Modernity.

If we define “Anglo” as related to concepts like: white, Protestant, capitalist, central banking, corporate life, shareholder economy, imperialism, than the history of Modernity [1648-202x] has been dominated by three subsequent Anglo empires, each replacing the former: the Dutch, the British and the American empires, see graph. The four watershed moments marking these three empires were: the Peace of Westphalia (1648), the American War of Independence (1776), the end of World War 2 and finally the Trump presidency

[source] Describing the English or Americans as ‘Anglo-Saxons’ or ‘Anglos’ for short, is bordering to a misnomer. The origin is clearly German, where ironically/tragically, Germany was at the receiving end of history twice, at the hands of the so-called ‘Anglo-Saxons’.

Holland and England are the deepest origins of the American republic. The New Netherland and New England projects were the earliest European settlements in this vast American continent, that ironically would supersede the empires of the original colonizers after 1945, via its [cough] ‘accidental empire’ aka The West.

An additional, often overlooked but essential aspect of “an Anglo Empire” is the hidden subsidy, well, hidden for historians who are seldom engineers, in the form of tapping into a new energy source first: wind (Netherlands), coal-steam (Britain) and oil (USA) respectively, providing a head-start over the geopolitical competition and the means for ever intensifying global expansion. Thousands of wind-saw-mills for instance enabled the Dutch at some point to own three times as many ships as the rest of the world combined, creating virtual trade-monopolies and spectacular profits, creating a country where the streets were “paved with gold” as it were:


Dutch VOC-ships in the Far East. The Dutch finished the job, commenced by the Portuguese and Spanish: discovering, c.q. taking over the remotest parts of the planet: Barents Sea, Spitsbergen, New Netherland, New Holland (Australia), New Zealand, Tasmania, Dutch East Indies, Formosa (Taiwan), Nagasaki, as well as giving the name, c.q. colonize the southern tips of the American and African continents: Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope.

[source] Small country, big footprint. Pictured is the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the first “Wall Street” in the world (1602), enabling public trading of shares for the first time. Holland fought an 80-year war against Catholic Spain and emerged victorious as the #1 Protestant bulwark in the world in 1648. Holland was the country where modern capitalism, share-holder economy, corporatism, central banking was invented and exported to Britain in 1688 and America. The Netherlands is the Anglo 1.0 base country.

Finally, one needs to point at the growing Jewish influence throughout these three Anglo empires, unintentionally enabled by the freedom of religion, the Protestants needed against the Catholics, in their battle for a place under the sun. Many Jews fled from Spain, after the fall of Grenada and the establishment of the Inquisition. Perhaps like senor Rossocampo, who moved to Haarlem in the Netherlands and changed his name in Claes Martenssen Van Roosevelt. Apparently he didn’t like the weather too much in the Netherlands an decided to move to Americas, never to be heard of again. It were Jews who financed the invasion of the Dutch army of England in order to organize a Protestant regime change there:

Dutch invasion fleet near Hellevoetssluis near Rotterdam, about to set sail for Torquay in England, making the world safe for Capitalist-Protestant Modernity… and for Jews.

The fleet lay stretched out across the English Channel, mainsails billowing under an easterly wind, 20 ships in line abreast and 25 deep, filling the water between Dover and Calais. Crowds gathered on the white cliffs of the English coast to watch. But they were not cheering with pride and pleasure – because the display of naval power and military might they were witnessing was not theirs. This armada was not an English one. It was from Holland and it was about to invade these shores.

[DailyMail.co.uk] – The 1688 invasion of Britain that’s been erased from history

The Dutch military invasion of 1688 into the British Isles marks the foundation of western modernity, culminating in the United States and post-WW2 US empire.

[source] The Anglo-Dutch Moment, by British-Jewish historian Jonathan Israel (2003)

The Glorious Revolution can be seen as the world’s first color coded (= Jewish-funded) regime change. Color code: Orange.

Every year, all over parts of the British Empire of former fame, so-called Orange Parades are organized to celebrate the Glorious Revolution, essentially the Protestant regime change, organized by the Dutch military and financed by rich Jews, here for example in London:

But also in Edinburgh-Scotland, Liverpool-England, Belfast-Ulster, Toronto-Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even in Uganda and Ghana. The list goes on.

[news.wisc.edu] – Was Declaration of Independence inspired by Dutch?

Dutch PM Mark Rutte shows the original Akte van Verlatinghe (Act of Abjuration, 1581) to US president Obama [0:42] (2014). The US Declaration of Independence (from Britain, 1776) contains many elements of that original document. Holland can be seen as a blueprint for the United States.

There are signs that the Anglo era, that is Western Modernity, is coming to an end. The American Empire and its oligarch Jewish over-class had as its ambition to integrate the entire world into a single power structure, run by institutions, located on its own soil: United Nations, Security Council, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Health Organisation, Open Society Foundation, global acting NGOs like Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières, etc.

[source] George Soros, the most visible public face of the globalist US empire. Called a ‘philantropist’ by his friends, a ‘diversity monger’ or ‘sinister schemer’ by his (nationalist or Islamist) detractors. George Soros doesn’t believe in borders, as they are an obstacle for his globalist project and hence his ‘Open Society Foundations‘. Suspected to be the hidden hand behind a range of color coded revolutions, aimed at America-friendly regime changes all over the world. George Soros is the modern day Leon Trotsky, representing a billionaire caste that aimed at putting the entire world in their pockets, but eventually that caste will fail. Don’t take it from us, take if from their fellow billionaire Bloomberg: “America’s New World Order Is Officially Dead”. There is no person alive this caste currently hates more than Donald J. Trump, who is to the US empire what Mikhail Gorbachev was to the Soviet empire: it’s grave digger. The oligarch elites have accepted that the world is a bridge too far for them. But thanks to Trump, they might even loose the United States as well.

Once you see through this almost messianic aim, the history of the 20th century becomes like an open book: the founding of the Federal Reserve, the actions of Wall Street darling Leon Trotsky in Russia, the rise of communism, the rise of media with global reach, WW2, the civil rights movement, the 1968 Paris student revolution, the Frankfurt School of leftist intellectual hegemony, the JFK hit, the 1965 Immigration Act, the holocaust campaign, multiculturalism, the growing normative importance of the racism concept, the demise of national-Bolshevism in Russia, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq war, the moment the US empire began to run out of steam and it was all downhill from there.

The Trump presidency was the clearest possible sign that the white part of the US population began to resist the globalist aims of the political, academic and cultural establishment:

Election night November 2016, the eloquent CNN anchor Van Jones: “This was a whitelash against a changing country, it was whitelash against a black president in part. And that’s the part where the pain comes.”

The American empire is clearly walking on its last legs and no longer possesses sufficient force to achieve its hidden aim of global domination and there is no fourth Anglo empire in sight to take over from America.

Dystopian pictures from the former unofficial ‘Capital of the World’, New Amsterdam, er, New York City. America falling apart over racial differences. European America is opting out from globalism, if that means “demographically drowning into the third world”. Bye-bye American Empire, bye-bye not-so United States. Expect North-America to fall apart into ethno-states and as such become more like South-America or Europe: a patch-work of separate states. This outcome will no doubt completely discredit the diversity and multicult idea in Europe, imposed after 1968 by the US. No need for a populist political victory to achieve that.

James Howard Kunstler’s map of a balkanized America from his work of fiction “World made by hand”. Something like this will probably come out of the coming drama of the unraveling of the United States.

So what comes next after the end of the Anglo Era?

The same graph at the top of this post, that illustrates the prominence of the Three Anglo Empires over the previous 4 centuries, could give us a clue of what could come next: China. However, it is too early to proclaim a Chinese Era yet, as the graph ignores the existence of another contender for global prominence, currently lying in waiting in the umbra of the American Empire: the European Union. Certainly if you realize that Russia, the largest country on earth, is quietly seeking a rapprochement with the EU in its desire to become co-tenant of the Common European Home, as it is very well aware of the growing might of China, in its arms Russia was pushed, thanks to the hostile behavior of the post-WW2 US-led globalist West.

[source] Charles Kupchan, “The End of the American Era: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Geopolitics of the Twenty-first Century”. Kupchan is Jewish and member of the Council of Foreign Relations. As early as 2002 he proclaimed the End of the American Era and predicted that Europe, not China, could become the successor of America in geopolitics.

Say what?! At 16:39 president Putin says in this 2014 interview with French television (after Euro-Maidan!): “Francois Mitterrand spoke of a European confederation with Russia as a member. I think this opportunity still exists. We will have it in the future“.

That’s settled then.

So who is it going to be: China or Greater Europe? Or will the US remain in one piece after all and become the next USSR-of-color and will remain a great power, together with their “Five Eyes” traditional allies (“Anglosphere“) although no longer a global hegemon? Or perhaps president Erdogan will succeed in uniting all Sunni Muslims in a Neo-Ottoman empire?

Turkish grandiose dreams of a revival of the Ottoman empire are not as far-fetched as it seems. If the US empire would collapse, the very next day the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in both Egypt and Saudi-Arabia and its new leaders would be in the plane heading for Istanbul on day 2, just like the brief presidency of Morsi in Egypt has shown. Turkey and Egypt could become the Germany and France of an Islamic sort of EU.

Questions, questions, questions.

But if Marx is on the way out, who will be the new prophet for the coming era? Our suggestion:

[wikipedia.org] – Samuel P. Huntington
[wikipedia.org] – Clash of Civilizations
[amazon.com] – Samuel P. Huntington, “Clash of Civilizations”

Directly after the US had won the Cold War in 1991, Samuel Huntington set out to answer the question how the geopolitical landscape would look like in the 21st century. Although he wasn’t ready to give up on the idea that the US-led West would remain the dominant power, he did recognize that in the future, cultural and religious identities would return with a vengeance, first of all Islam. He came up with a multi-polar world map of distinct civilizations:

Samuel Huntington’s geopolitical map in 1993. According to Huntington, the US-led West will continue to exist, but will have to endure increased geopolitical competition in a world that will move away from western hegemony towards a multi-polar world.

Now, 25 years later, we need to amend Huntington’s world map, even if we accept his basic premise that in the 21st century, geopolitical boundaries will be defined by race/ethnicity and ancient cultural and religious heritage, rather than future-oriented American-Soviet progressive ideology, like was in the case in the 20th century:

  • Islam. Huntington was right about Islam. Turkey has shed off the secular heritage of Kemal Pascha Ataturk and has been set on an Islamist course. Islamist identitarian assertiveness has threatened the multicultural project in Europe and provoked a strong populist reaction.
  • China. Huntington did foresee increased Chinese assertiveness, but even he would have been surprised by the meteoric rise of China, that no doubt will become the largest economy on earth, if it isn’t already and become a direct challenge to US hegemony.
  • Europe. Most Americans like to think they have Europe in their pocket and Huntington is no exception. Nevertheless, European unification made impressive progress since the writing of “The Clash”, with the founding of the European Union in 1993, the creation of the euro in 1999, the inclusion of Eastern Europe (2004-2007). Next items on the todo-list: EU-army, Green Deal and increasing geopolitical role. Many within the EU see the US declining and are anticipating a situation where Europe can take over from the United States. Including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Europe would have 640 million citizens, double the amount of the US. Slam dunk.
  • America. In 1993 Huntington didn’t foresee a possible end of the United States in its current shape, but by the end of his life he began to worry about the future of the US. In his last book “Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity”, he warns that the US could face a growing assimilation problem due to unrestricted third world immigration. Now, in 2020, that sense of foreboding has become reality and it seems unlikely that the US will be kept together, in a situation where Republicans and Democrats have become de facto war parties.
  • The West. Unlike Pat Buchanan, Huntington never contemplated The Death of The West. In 2020 we know better. In all likelihood the center of western political gravity will shift back from North-America to Europe, due to European unification and the potential absorption of Russia within the Common European Home. France has already begun making overtures in line which their classical post-WW2 Gaullist orientation.

Merging the considerations above with the multi-polar world vision of Samuel Huntington, we arrive at predicting the following geopolitical map for the 21st century, after ca. 2030:

[larger map]

We will have a multi-polar world order, as Huntington predicted. The US however will have become unraveled, with the European-American parts integrated in a European Commonwealth (“Eurosphere”). China will take advantage of a collapsing US empire and expand in the western and southern Pacific. Russia will be integrated into Eurosphere as well. The global institutions, currently head-quartered in the US, will move to Eurasia. Our prediction for its new HQ: Astana, Kazakhstan, precisely half-way Greater Europe and China.

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