Liveblog Ukraine Part 6 – From May 18 until May 26


[] – neocon Zelensky angry with real-politiker Kissinger

[parisberlinmoscow] – The Unraveling of the United States

[] – Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commandor in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Could he become dangerous for Zelensky and the latter’s willingness to sacrifice the last Ukrainian on the altar of the New World Order?

[] – Arsen Avakov

Gonzalo Lira sees im him a potential leader of a hard-right Ukrainian government in exile in Lvov.

[] – Zelensky adviser Oleksiy Arestovych grows pessimistic about the war. “We have now lost to the Russian army in terms of pace. The Russian side managed to accumulate its reserves before we did.” He also says Ukrainian society grows more divided. Depression & infighting lie ahead.

[] – Orbán declares state of emergency due to war in Ukraine

Orban probably wants boots on the ground in Transcarpathia, where 156,000 Hungarians live, at a suitable moment, when the Great Partitioning of Ukraine begins.

[] – Putin hating MSM admit that Russia has taken thousands of Ukrainian POWs.

[] – Quick update from Andrei on this and that

Scott Ritter lashes out against the American public as the most uninformed on the planet.

[] – NATO vs Russia: What Happens Next, Pepe Escobar

Yet within the carnival of NATO psyops, aggressive cognitive infiltration, and stunning media sycophancy, much is being made of the new $40 billion US ‘aid’ package to Ukraine, deemed capable of becoming a game-changer in the war. This ‘game-changing’ narrative comes courtesy of the same people who burned though trillions of dollars to secure Afghanistan and Iraq. And we saw how that went down.


Jakob Dreizin: Overview Russian losses (spoiler: extremely low). Expects the Ukrainian army to collapse soon in the East.

[gerard1945] – Original documents that prove that the US had promised to Russia that NATO would not expand eastwards.

Peter Hitchins doubling down on the message in his earlier DailyMail column, where he advocates for England to leave the “Ukay”, before Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do. Brussels can’t believe its luck, but I digress. Hitchins makes the same mistakes as the Brexiteers do: hanging on to a past that will never return. Brexit Britain and an independent England will resemble that zero future old guy in a nursing home, dreaming of the days that are no more.

Forecast of retired US Colonel Douglas Macgregor: This summer, possibly fall, the economic situation in the US will be so bad that Kiev will be forced into negotiations with Moscow that are effectively a surrender.

[] – Die taktische Situation der ukrainischen Armee im Donbas hat sich in den letzten Wochen massiv verschlechtert. Trotz großer Verluste an Menschen und Material, dringt Russlands Invasionsarmee weiter vor. Es droht Rückzug aus oder Einkesselung von Sjewjerodonezk.

Zelenski fan, Putin hater and BILD reporter complains that the situation for Ukraine on the battle field is rapidly deteriorating.

[] – ‘Civilization may not survive this’: US billionaire George Soros says Russia may have started World War Three and the only way to save mankind is to defeat Putin

The real question is if European civilization will survive George Soros. The chances for that are getting better with every passing day.

[] – China openly threatening the United States concerning Taiwan: “For our friends we have fine wine. For jackals or wolves we welcome with shotguns”

[] – More triumphalist tomfoolery. China produces 80% of its energy consumption and enough calories to feed itself–not so US allies Japan and S. Korea. Shut down trade and China suffers while US allies die. Literally.

[] – Why laser weapons are the future of missile defense

While the legacy of the Reagan administration’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) may have initially put the US ahead in directed energy-based missile defense capabilities, Israel, Russia and China have started to deploy and accelerate the development of similar systems in response to new missile threats and the mixed success at best of traditional missile defense platforms.

[] – Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine

[] – Why Biden didn’t mean what he said about Taiwan – Biden’s latest statement US would defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack is not a policy shift from ‘strategic ambiguity’ to ‘strategic clarity’

[] – China should move reserves out of US Treasuries – China should move FX reserves away from US assets to preempt possible asset seizure and invest in energy and raw materials

China has built a foreign exchange-earning economy and accumulated US$3.3 trillion in reserves over the past few decades, but such policies are outdated and need to be adjusted. Amid the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the United States has punitively frozen $300 billion worth of Russian reserves. The incident shows that it is completely possible for the US to seize China’s overseas assets, particularly forex reserves, if it deems it necessary. US inflation and foreign debt accumulation will lead to dollar depreciation. China should buy less US Treasury bonds, buy more commodities and strategic materials, and shift away from exports to domestic consumption.

Of course they should. Question is if the US would allow the Chinese to disinvest. At any rate, more signs that globalism is over.

[] – US missile shield badly exposed to hypersonic threats


More Anglos admitting that Russia “has the momentum”

[] – BREAKING: Multiple Russian and Chinese warplanes entered South Korea’s air defense identification zone (KADIZ) without notice, prompting the South Korean Air Force to scramble fighters to the scene – Yonhap

[] – Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, tells truth to gathering of world’s capitalists at Davos: “Everyone of you have to understand: We are defending you, personally…We are fighting, actually, for every one of you…” – Yes, Ukraine fights for the Western elite

[] – Sitrep Operation Z: ‘The Grind’ is mainly done for now – Donbas Arc lights up like a solar storm

[] – Dmitry Orlov, The Secret American Plan to Make Russia Great Again

[] – Kissinger: Ukraine should hand-over territories to Russia.

[] – Erdogan: New military operation in Syria ‘soon’

[] – Biden’s remarks on ‘intervening militarily’ in Taiwan question not gaffe but signals hollowing out one-China policy

[] – Russian FM spokeswoman says Zelensky to legalize the takeover of Ukraine by Poland

Zelenski is not a Ukrainian nationalist, for him Ukraine is a tool in the hands of the globalists, like himself. His allegiance is with Washington, not Kiev. So for him and his fellow globalists it would make perfect sense to merge Ukraine with Poland, in a confederation, with Poland the senior and make Polish troops engage in Ukraine, without implicating NATO directly.

OT – Alberto Cingolani, 5 years old, playing Mozart.

[] – Norway Refuses to Share Oil and Gas Profits with Ukraine

Sorry Poland.

[] – Klaus Schwab has a buste of Lenin, in what seems to be his study.

[] – Gonzalo Lira

[] – China and Russia the bastions of multipolar world that breaks US dominance

Older article from shortly before the start of the war.

[] – Achieving Ukraine’s neutral status and becoming a bridge between Russia and Europe is the main goal in the current situation around the country – former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger is too smart to believe in a victory for the US-NATO. The old crook is becoming very mild in his old age. But unlike these neocon sharks, who hate Europe, Kissinger has still some emotional ties to the Old Continent.


[] – 1988 video has been surfaced, exposing Biden as the notorious liar that he is.

[] – British embassy sparks fury by raising LGBT rainbow flag in Indonesia: UK is accused of ‘sullying country’s sacred values’ as ambassador is summoned for an explanation in Jakarta

Gay Britain (GB).

[] – Senior Russian Diplomat at U.N. Defects (Boris Bondarev)

For twenty years of my diplomatic career I have seen different turns of our foreign policy, but never have I been so ashamed of my country as on February 24 of this year.

That’s quite a blow for Russia.

[] – Richard N. Haass – Support @potus statement that US would defend Taiwan directly if it were attacked by China, embracing strategic clarity over ambiguity. Exactly right given China’s military buildup. Goal must now be to narrow gap between US pledge & US/partner capability.

So it was no gaffe. The CFR chieftain Haass supports it, probably is the origin of Biden’s remark. As said before, the Ukraine drama is merely the hors d’oeuvre (Chicken Kiev), the main course, Filet Americain, will be served in the South China Sea.

[] – Polish PM Calls on Norway to Share Oil and Gas Profits Windfall

Here is my wallet, take what you need. Seriously, the Poles, who Chhurchill called “the hyena of Europa” for a reason in 1938, seem to have very big plans with Ukraine, no doubt in close consultation with the US. Poland is behaving exactly like it did in 1939.

[] – With no kids, a society has no future, no hope – Americans are fast-forwarding to the past very quickly

Indeed, with no kids, a society has no future, no hope. The WSJ article notes that a Pew Research Center survey of non-parents between the ages of 18 and 49 years in the United States found that 44% answered that it is unlikely they will have children, up from 37% in 2018. If indeed this generation will do what they are saying, the outcome does not bode well for the US.

The West (including Japan and South-Korea) with its underlying assumptions of diversity, mass immigration, capitalist fundamentalism, hedonism and careerism, are committing suicide in every imaginable way. But “the elite” doesn’t want to address it, as they are too preoccupied with their One World Open Society globalist project. The Ukraine war could serve as a wake-up call. “1945” constituted the West and the victory of the globalist left. “1968” even strengthened that victory. Now is the time for a complete U-turn. For that, the West needs to go. The West, that’s where the sun sets. The elite won’t abdicate voluntarily, so it needs to chased out, “1989-style”. An economic depression could deliver just that.

[] – Jin Canrong: China has 8 trillion overseas assets! The United States must be wary of flipping the table

[] – How a China vs Japan air war would be fought

I highly doubt that Japan will fight China over the renegade Chinese province of Taiwan. Or even let the US use Japan as a base to fly sorties against mainland China. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan could even spell the end of the American occupation of Japan, so Japan regains its souvereignty. China and Japan most likely will leave each other alone.

[] – President Joe Biden says that the United States would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan, in one of the most forceful and overt statements in support of Taiwan in decades.

[] – Drone swarms may be key to defending Taiwan

The US Air Force has conducted simulations in cooperation with think tanks that reportedly showed the effectiveness of drone swarms in defending Taiwan against a possible Chinese invasion. David Ochmanek, a defense researcher at the RAND Corporation think tank, highlighted in an online discussion last week the short time window in which US and allied forces must respond in event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. “US and allied forces may have as few as a week to 10 days to either defeat this invasion or accept the fait accompli,” he said.

[] – US army instructor in Krivoy Rog. The first video confirming the participation of the US Armed Forces as a party to the conflict

Slava Mexico! A Mexican invader to California by the name of Lopez, now invading Ukraine. The globalist US doesn’t care about who invades its own country, but it does pretend to care who invades a country on the other side of the globe.


[] – Massive YouTube censor action regarding Russia-friendly content. Source: Guardian

[] – Germany and Italy approved Russian gas payments after nod from Brussels

[] – Poles will be able to hold elective positions, be appointed to public authorities, to senior positions in defense enterprises and gain access to classified data, be judges. Well, the icing on the cake – the Polish police will get the right to monitor law and order in Ukraine.

What’s going on here? Are Poland and Ukraine preparing for a state merger/confederation, to enable a fasttrack route into the EU, as Poland is already EU-member? And Poland additionally offering military force outside of NATO on Ukrainian soil? There is an historic precedent:

[] – Russia’s history games backfire, bring Poland and Ukraine even closer

[] – Italy. Silvio Berlusconi: Forcing Ukrainians to accept demands

[] – No more arms to Ukraine say Conte, Salvini

[] – Salvini und Berlusconi bremsen Draghi aus

The international tide is turning against the war in Ukraine and the idea that the West could win that war. Italy is leading the opposition:

[] – Italy’s Matteo Salvini Speaks Out Against Finland, Sweden Joining NATO, Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

[] – Italy’s hostility to Nato is building

NATO needs to be reformed: no more US troops, basis, let alone nuclear missiles on European soil. Yankee go home, the US empire is over, we need a two-pillar structure of equals and the US will have no say about Europe’s relationship with Russia and China.

[] – Italian unions strike in protest over military aid for Ukraine

[] – The incredible shrinking Global Britain – Funding cuts and staffing turmoil at the Foreign Office are scaling back the UK’s international ambition.

Britain is a country where the conservative part is entirely living in the past. The want to hold on to past glory like empire and the imagined victory in WW1 and WW2 (in geopolitical terms, Britain was the biggest loser of all, but was allowed to sit at the table with the real victors USA and USSR, creating an illusion of being a winner. Britain was most of all the useful idiot of the Americans).

[] – Putin HAS ‘had cancer’ but ‘has licked it’ says Hollywood director Oliver Stone who spent years shadowing the Russian leader – after ex-MI6 spy described ‘increasing disarray’ in the Kremlin with President needing regular treatment DURING meetings

Putin sympathiser Oliver Stone reveals that Putin had to battle with cancer but has overcome it.

[] – PETER HITCHENS: Can anyone explain to me why this was called evacuation and not surrender?

Peter Hitchins is an outlier in the Anglo media landscape and is dutifully saying the truth about Ukraine and that to a large extent the West is to blame for the disaster.

[] – Russian Oil Producers Start Using Tankers The World Did Not Want

Russia is clearly preparing to continue to sell its oil once the oil flow towards Europe will stop, regardless on whose initiative, Europe or Russia. Europa is too busy committing economic suicide, but this is probably to be seen as a necessary dialectical step to overthrow they pro-US order in Europe.

This incompetent fair weather Taft girl is asolutely not up to the task of running the EU. Replace her with Michel Barnier.

[] – Unilateral sanctions add to evidence that it’s no longer safe to hold assets in US

This spells the end of the dollar as global reserve currency. Notice how the Chinese portray the Russians.

[] – Scott Ritter’s unforced error

The equipment sent to Ukraine is basically surplus that the United States and NATO are not using. I believe in following the money. I think this is just a convenient pretext to get rid of old weapons systems in order to justify new spending on the latest, greatest.


[] – Ukraine SitRep – Russians Break Through U.S. Bolsterism

[] – “Nothing has been accomplished”

Der Spiegel (= US imperial, not German interests) complains that Germany is dragging with its feet regarding weapons deliveries to Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz was very reluctant to deliver any weapons, they began with sending 5000 helmets, prompting many jokes, like: “when are they going to deliver pillows, so the pillow fight can get started in earnest”, but after strong international pressure (US, UK, Poland), Germany gave in. Now der Spiegel has to conclude that nothing is getting delivered due to quarrels between Germany and Poland over weapons rotations.

[] – The War in Ukraine Is Getting Complicated, and America Isn’t Ready [full text]

Recent bellicose statements from Washington — President Biden’s assertion that Mr. Putin “cannot remain in power,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s comment that Russia must be “weakened” and the pledge by the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, that the United States would support Ukraine “until victory is won” — may be rousing proclamations of support, but they do not bring negotiations any closer.

In the end, it is the Ukrainians who must make the hard decisions: They are the ones fighting, dying and losing their homes to Russian aggression, and it is they who must decide what an end to the war might look like. If the conflict does lead to real negotiations, it will be Ukrainian leaders who will have to make the painful territorial decisions that any compromise will demand.

[A]s the war continues, Mr. Biden should also make clear to President Volodymyr Zelensky and his people that there is a limit to how far the United States and NATO will go to confront Russia, and limits to the arms, money and political support they can muster. It is imperative that the Ukrainian government’s decisions be based on a realistic assessment of its means and how much more destruction Ukraine can sustain.

Confronting this reality may be painful, but it is not appeasement. This is what governments are duty bound to do, not chase after an illusory “win.” Russia will be feeling the pain of isolation and debilitating economic sanctions for years to come, and Mr. Putin will go down in history as a butcher. The challenge now is to shake off the euphoria, stop the taunting and focus on defining and completing the mission. America’s support for Ukraine is a test of its place in the world in the 21st century, and Mr. Biden has an opportunity and an obligation to help define what that will be.

Wow, his masters voice has spoken!

This is the most likely outcome of the war.


[] – Russia halts gas supplies to Finland

NATO-membership for Finland wasn’t such a bright idea, now was it? 1945-2022: no real troubles in Russian-Finnish relations, until this new PM lets herself being put in front of the US cart. Putin uses a small country to set an example. Note that Finland uses merely 6 % natural gas in its overall primary energy use. However


[] – Liberation of Lugansk People’s Republic to be complete shortly — Russian Defense Ministry

Zaparoche is probably the next target after Donbass has been cleared.

[] – Why Turkey is blocking NATO membership Sweden and Finland

Turkey wants to see a weapons embargo against Turkey and support for the Kurds to end.

[] – JUST IN – Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) steps down from the board of the Russian oil company Rosneft.

The pressure got too big.

[] – US experts skeptical of Finland, Sweden NATO bid – A number of think tank scholars and former US officials question if the decision to join was a wise one

They admit having set up the Europeans against Russia, they now want to concentrate on China.

[] – Northern Ireland Protocol – Pelosi threatens UK with blocking trade deal

[] – Conditions raised by Turkey, Croatia expose more cracks within NATO

MSM silent but important confirmation here:

[] – Croatia to block Finland, Sweden NATO membership

The Ukrainians were lured out of their defensive positions out in the open, where they are vulnerable.

[] – Russian Foreign Ministry: “Russia does not interfere with Ukraine’s grain exports, the logistics problems were caused by Kiev: its troops mined their own ports”

[] – Very prescient article by Bernie Sanders, written shortly before the war.

It looks like the Ukrainians committed a strategic blunder, north of Kharkov.

Gonzalo Lira contradicts Scott Ritter, still optimistic that Russia will prevail.

Scott Ritter estimates that since the beginning of the war, “merely” 3000-4500 Russian soldiers have been killed.

[] – How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide

[] – Xi, Marcos discuss expanding ties, carrying forward friendship

The US is apparently looking for war in East-Asia as well, after they set Ukraine on fire and managed to set up Europe against Russia.

[] – Is the world going to run out of grain? Apocalyptic warnings that ‘millions will starve’ as thousands of tonnes are blockaded in Ukraine and India bans exports after heatwave (and it’s pushing prices up in the UK and US too)

[] – Satellite reveals China’s new nuclear attack sub

[] – China developing heat-seeking hypersonic missiles

[] – Huge barriers confront EU’s exit from Russian gas

[] – The core of the Dutch government travels to Davos next week to participate in a World Economic Forum gathering. The WEF is a private organization. Difficult to blame conspiracy theorists.

[] – #Mariupol Update – Evidently not all of the #Ukrainian defenders at #Azovstal agreed to surrender to #Russia. ~1,000 Ukrainian troops have surrendered to #Russian forces. However, several hundred #UAF and #Azov Regiment members have remained inside the plant.

Those could be the most interesting ones. Foreigners and Azov leadership, who fear execution.

[] – PETER HITCHENS: Why England should leave the UK instead of persuading the others to stay and embrace a golden future

Who is going to dump who first? Anyway, Great-Britain is over.


[] – European Commission fears disaster scenario of total Russian gas blockade

They would have asked for it. The EU’s mistake: not having the courage to dump the US and its objectives in time. The EU has openly announced it intends to phase out Russian fuel. The fear is that Russia will start with the phasing out.

[] – McDonalds Leaves Russia—Russians Gain Four Years of Life Expectancy

[] – Megalopolis x Russia: Total War

[] – Ukrainian ambassador to Germany requests that Germany and France pick up their old Minsk mediation role again, between Russia and Ukraine.

[] – Scott Ritter has radically changed his mind and thinks that the steady flow of NATO arms into Ukraine are making a difference and could make the war unwinnable for Russia, meaning no demilitarization in the western Ukraine. Ritter still thinks that Russia will prevail in the East.

[] – Russia’s current account surplus is soaring. The average current account surplus every April from 2007 – 2021 is +$6.7 bn. In April 2022 it was +$37.6 bn! Putin’s war pushed up oil and gas prices, which is now giving him a massive windfall. Only an energy embargo stops this…
Has von der Leyen and her six and counting sanction packages already seen this? Russia has a record surplus, no wonder the ruble is soaring.

[] – Ukraine’s triumphant rhetoric faces limits on the ground – According to experts, foreign weapons deliveries are not enough to sustainably push back Russian forces in the Donbas and Southern Ukraine.

[] – Pro-Russia official claims 16,000 Ukrainian troops encircled in Donbas

[] – Tbf, Zelensky keeps informing the West they need to inserted more coins to continue playing.

[] – Orbán Warns West Is Subjecting Itself To “Suicide Waves” Of Decline

[] – Putin: “Giving up Russian energy resources will make Europe the region with the highest energy costs in the world systematically, for the long term. And this may have very serious […] irreversible consequences for a significant part of European industry.”

[] – #Lyman Update – The situation around #Lyman is rapidly deteriorating for #Ukrainian troops. Today, #Russia captured Novoselivka to the NW and may have captured Yarova. Lyman is now surrounded on three sides with only destroyed bridges over the Donets on the 4th side.

[] – Italian gas giant Eni bows for Russian demands to pay in rubles.