MH17 – It Was Ukraine

One of the first eye-witness videos that surfaced shortly after the crash. The BBC tellingly retracted the story, once they were informed by their imperial masters in the US about the to follow party line.

The Dutch Kangeroo court has spoken its verdict regarding the MH17-drama: it was a Russian Buk. No surprises here. The Dutch are the slimiest US-sycophants in continental Europe (for historic reasons) and the US knows it and handpicked them to do the dirty work of covering up for them, compensating the Clogs with 122 ton repatriated (Dutch!) gold from New York shortly afterwards, for geopolitical services delivered.

Shortly after the crash I followed the story for about a year, made notes in a blog, came to a conclusion and moved on and never looked back. Today I’ll go through these notes again, make a summary and state the conclusions. It will be mostly and copy & paste exercise with some connecting text in between. But remember that the texts were mostly written in 2014-2015, without post-editing. There are many references to RussiaToday material, now censored, but if followed by a transcript, I let them there anyway.

The 100 or so posts were divided over the following categories:

– Eyewitnesses
– Spainbuca twitter feed
– Russian government version
– Kolomoisky video
– Pilot Vladislav Voloshin and his alleged suicide
– Radar pictures and black box
– 122 ton repatriated Dutch gold from NYC
– Composition “investigation” team
– Western propaganda and cover up
– AA Buk testimony
– The key question: SAM or AAM?
– Was it a fighter jet that attracted a Buk?
– Summing it up
– Leftovers
– Links

And since most people most people won’t read these ca. 200 s screen of text, here are the conlusions:

What really happened: Americans notified the Ukrainians that Russian president Putin was underway from South-America to Moscow and that he was about to cross the Donbas airspace. Yet, during the flight, Putin changed plans during the flight and deviated his course, which likely saved his life. Oligarch and governor of Dnipro, Kolomoisky, used his competency as a governor to send 3 fighter jets in the air to intercept Putin’s plane and kill the #1 adversary of the New World Order of Kolomoisky and his ilk. That’s where the grand confusion began. The Ukrainian pilots mistook MH17 for Putin’s plane and shot it down. Afterwards, the US needed to improvise to explain away this failed attack and came up with the Buk story, that supposedly was fired by rebels from Donbas. The just completed Dutch show trial, without giving the Russians the opportunity to defend themselves, had no other purpose than back up that lie. Lying for America.


– Eyewitnesses


[] – Deleted BBC eyewitness video

The plane with flight MH17 was first hit on July 2017, at 16:20:03 local time (13:20:03 UTC) and crashed near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast.

First pictures of the crash and smoldering wreck.

Eyewitnesses invariably report that fighterjet(s) were seen near the MH17.

[0:13] ‘It almost looks like machine-gun fire, very strong machine-gun fire’
[0:27] ‘Have you seen any example of missile… No we have not’

Maybe Interpol should pro-actively formulate arrest warrants for the entire Ukrainian junta, just in case this gets confirmed by real experts.


[] – Analysis of satellite imagery released on the Internet by the Security Service of Ukraine on July 30, 2014

The Russian Defence Ministry has analyzed the satellite imagery released by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on July 30, 2014, which allegedly disproves the authenticity of the Russian satellite imagery showing the Buk-1 batteries in the Boeing 777 (MH17) crash site area on July 17 and confirms that Russian Armed Forces opened fire on Ukrainian territory.

[hat4uk] – NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.

[] – Russia accuses US Of fabricating satellite images, creating “Wall Of Propaganda” to incite other countries

Dutch sources:

[] – Waarom maakte vlucht MH17 op het laatste moment een scherp bocht?
[] – Er kwam wel degelijk een noodoproep van MH17.
[] – MH17, explosief bewijs.
[] – Brekend: Er was nog ‘Distress call’ van piloot MH17 bij ‘snelle daling.’
[] – MH17: Het raadselachtige universum van Rutte en Timmermans.

Video shows BBC report by Olga Ivshina, that was later removed by the British broadcaster. It contains eyewitness statements about the presence of a Ukrainian military jet trailing the MH17, shortly before the latter crashed. Also, no confirmation could be found that a missile had been fired from the spot, the Ukrainian secret service claims rebels had launched one from. Additionally, several eyewitnesses had said that the Ukrainian air force had regularly used commercial airliners as ‘human shields’, to conduct operations against targets in rebel held territory.

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Full transcript in the link below.


We smell yet another moral victory for the Russian president coming.

*** UPDATE ***

[] – Western MSM starts to reconsider the no Ukrainian plane theory.

Preliminary conclusion: the plot thickens. Assuming the plane was indeed shot down by Ukrainian fighters, we can be much more comfortable assuming that Carlos Buca was for real and right about everything else as well, notably that the plane was shot down on orders of the Ukrainian ministry of the interior (run by a Arsen Avakov), not the entire Ukrainian government. And the next tentative conclusion could be that the collapse of the government has everything to do with the unraveling of the plot in the Kiev/Bankova Ulytsa corridors of power. Arsen Avakov, picturesquely featuring on the Interpol fugitive list and as such not exactly mother’s finest and perhaps up to the task to create a game changing false flag international desaster, could have overplayed his hand majestically here, at the cost of 294 innocent lives. In hindsight one can be somewhat skeptical about the quality of the job of handpicking the Ukrainian government, as carried out by a Rottweiler girl Nicky F*cklandVicky Nuland.

Transcript of the BBC Video Report

DPR Representative: Here it is.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The black boxes from the crashed Boeing are finally being transferred into the hands of the experts. However, how much can they tell us?

The recorders logged the coordinates and the heading of the aircraft at the time of the incident and may have recorded the sound of the explosion. However, they will not tell us what exactly caused the explosion.

The inhabitants of the nearby villages are certain that they saw military aircraft in the sky shortly prior to the catastrophe. According to them, it actually was the jet fighters that brought down the Boeing.

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian government rejects this version of events. They believe that the Boeing was shot down using a missile from a “BUK” complex that came in from the direction of Russia.

Vitaliy Naida, Department of Counterintelligence of SBU [Ukrainian Security Service]: This was a BUK M1 system from which the aircraft was shot down. It came to Ukraine early in the morning on the 17th of July. It was delivered by a tow truck to the city of Donetsk. After that, it was redeployed from Donetsk, as part of a column of military equipment, to the area of the city of Torez, to the area of Snezhnoye, to the area of Pervomaisk.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian Security Service has published photographs and a video, which, in its opinion, prove that the Boeing was shot down with a “BUK” missile. We attempted to verify these photographs and information at the location.

One of the photographs showed a landscape not far from the city of Torez, on which smoke could be seen coming from the presumed location of the missile’s launch. We attempted to find this location, and it appears that we were successful.

We are now on the outskirts of the city of Torez. Behind me, approximately five kilometres away, is the city of Snezhnoye. And the landscape here matches the landscape that we can see on the photograph published by the Ukrainian Security Service.

To find the place from which the smoke was allegedly coming from, we adopted as markers these three poplars and the group of trees. Presumably, this is the place that can be seen on the photograph published by the SBU. And here are our markers: the three solitary poplars and the small group of trees in the distance.

The smoke that can be seen on the photograph came from somewhere over there [pointing behind her], behind my back. The SBU believes that this is a trace coming from the launch of a “BUK” missile.

However, it must be noted that there are here, approximately in the same place, the Saur-Mogila memorial, near which the fighting continues almost unabated, and a coalmine. It turns out that the smoke with the same degree of probability could have been coming from any of these locations.

Having circled around the nearby fields, we were unable to find any traces of a missile launch. Nor did the local inhabitants that we encountered see any “BUK” either.

At the ruins of an apartment building in the city of Snezhnoye, the topic of the jet fighters that may have been escorting civilian aircraft comes up again. A bomb dropped from above took away the lives of eleven civilians here.

Sergey Godovanets, Commander of the Militia of the city of Snezhnoye: They use these civilian aircraft to hide behind them. It is only now that they stopped flying over us – but, usually, civilian aircraft would always fly above us. And they hide [behind them]. [The experience in] Slavyansk had demonstrated that they would fly out from behind a civilian aircraft, bomb away, and then hide, once again, behind the civilian aircraft and fly away.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The commander of the local militia emphasizes that they have no weaponry capable of shooting down a jet fighter [flying] at a significant height. However, he says that if such weaponry were to appear, they would have tried to.

Sergey Godovanets: If we know that it is not a civilian aircraft, but a military one, then – yes.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: So, could the Boeing have been shot down by the militias that had mistaken it for a military aircraft? There is as yet no unequivocal confirmation of either this or any other version [of what took place]. The international experts are just beginning their work with the information obtained from the crashed airliner. It now appears that it is difficult to overstate the importance of this investigation. Olga Ivshina, BBC.
Militia Elena: Ukrainian Military Planes Hide Behind Civilian Airliners

Video: Recorded at least one month prior to MH17 Crash, published with ENG subs on June 18, 2014
Note: Pay close attention starting at 01:10


Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans was a guest yesterday on the Dutch daily late night talkshow ‘Pauw’. Talk-show host Jeroen Pauw asked Timmermans critical questions about Timmermans’ emotional performance in the Security Council, where Timmermans falsely accused separatists for immoral ‘thuggish’ behavior [video 2:46]. Timmermans is not amused and in his angry defense he says unintentionally something very revealing:

Timmermans: Ik heb gewoon opgeschreven wat in me opkwam op dat moment
Pauw: U roept een beeld op dat niet echt heeft plaatsgevonden
Timmermans: Oh ja, durft U dat zo te zeggen?
Pauw: Nou, als we horen hoe U na het horen van het eerste rapport dat is verschenen, hoe het is gegaan, is er dan niet een moment geweest waarop mensen dachten, he daar komt een raket aan, we weten we hebben angst en we kunnen elkaar nog aankijken…
Timmermans: Die raket hebben ze niet aan zien komen… U weet dat er iemand is gevonden met een zuurstofkapje op zijn hoofd? Die heeft dus de tijd gehad om dat te doen.
Pauw: U denkt dat het moment zo…
Timmermans: Ik zeg het ook hier… hypothetisch, hoe zou het gegaan kunnen zijn? En er is iets dat we nu weten dat waaruit je de conclusie kunt trekken dat het niet zo gegaan kan zijn.

Timmermans: I just said spontaneously what came to my mind (editor: Timmermans in the Security Council)
Pauw: You are painting a picture that not really occurred (editor: Pauw probably means separatists, ‘robbing’ Dutch corpses)
Timmermans: Oh yeah, you have the nerve to say that like that?
Pauw: Well, if we hear how you after learning from the the first report that was published, how it all happened, hasn’t there been a moment when people thought, he there is a missile approaching, we know we have fear and we can look at each other…
Timmermans: They did not see the missile approaching … You know that somebody has been found with an oxygen mask still on his head? So he had still time to do that.
Pauw: You think that the moment so…
Timmermans: I am saying here… hypothetically, how it could have been? And there us something that we now know from which you can draw the conclusion that it could not have happened like that.

[] – “Zuurstofmasker-uitspraak onjuist” (donderdag 9 okt 2014, 10:07 (Update: 09-10-14, 10:31))
Unspecified sources in The Hague have said that the statements made by foreign minister Timmermans in the Pauw talk-show were not true. Details will follow. Timmermans refused to comment.

[] – “Recherche: passagier had masker” (donderdag 9 okt 2014, 11:16 (Update: 09-10-14, 11:21))
The Dutch police has said that one Australian passenger was indeed wearing an oxygen mask (had it around his neck), all other passengers were not. A letter has been send to all the relatives to inform them about this fact and the statements made by Timmermans about the oxygen mask.

[] – mirror Pauw interview

Editor: it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions from this. If the Australian passenger had put the oxygen mask on himself, it would mean that the Buk-hypothesis can be shredded. If a large missile, like a Buk destroys the plane in one blast, there would be no time or opportunity to do this. This fact supports the alternative hypothesis, namely that a Ukrainian jet fired a light-weight heat-seeking missile to the MH17, which destroyed one engine, but left the plane and its functions intact. The pilots decided to make an emergency landing and told the passengers to put their oxygen mask on. Strange though, that only one passenger was found with an oxygen mask. But perhaps it is not, since the oxygen masks are connected to the body of the aircraft, meaning that at the moment that the plane disintegrates, the passengers are violently thrown in all directions and are separated from the oxygen masks, that remain attached to the aircraft.


On second thoughts, there is no reason to assume why most people would fall from the sky with an oxygen mask still around their heads, that is merely loosely held in place with a rubber band. In most cases contact between passenger and mask will be lost when the people are thrown out of the aircraft, the rest will separate during the fall. The fact that at least one passenger had the mask still attached is a strong indication that the oxygen masks were released and that there was some time to put them on. It looks that Timmermans ran his mouth off and accidentally violated the American imposed cover up attitude of the Dutch politics and media regarding MH17, because everybody in high places knows it by now: Kiev did it. But it is not political opportune to say so, now that the West succeeded in drawing the Ukrainian carpet from under the feet of Russia.

[] – Oxygen mask


Meanwhile has the international press picked up the story:

[] – Was Australian MH17 passenger conscious after plane was hit by a missile?
Obviously the Dailymail assumes without proof that the plane was hit by a missile and leaves out the possibility that the plane was finally downed by machine gun fire, which could only implicate Kiev. Can’t have that.


Click on the video and move to time stamp [0:30] and let the 23 seconds of testimony of the three Ukrainian women sink in. There were two explosions. And there was a sharp u-turn. Now combine that with the story about the oxygen mask, wrapped around the neck of an Australian passenger, reported here yesterday. Reconstruction of likely sequence of events:

  • first explosion is that of a R-60 lightweight warhead from a Ukrainian fighter jet that hits one of the MH17 engines
  • pilot is able to continue to fly and makes sharp u-turn to fly to nearest airport (Donetsk?) for emergency landing
  • pilot informs ATC that he is attacked (the real reason why the public will never hear the sound tracks)
  • MH17 aircraft crew releases oxygen masks, just in case; passengers put them on
  • the pilot of the Ukrainian fighter jet sees that the plane can continue its flight and is forced to attack again, this time with a salvo from a machine gun (second explosion) aimed at the cockpit, in order to take out the pilots and their ability to communicate their situation to the rest of the world
  • plane disintegrates, passengers are violently thrown from their seats and oxygen masks are teared off from the heads of the passengers, except in one case, the Australian, who had the small air hose of his oxygen mask twisted around his neck, so the hose broke from the attachment point
  • Dutch politicians are instructed by the Americans to cover the crime up and they obey
  • In the official Dutch preliminary report there are exactly zero references to an oxygen mask, although it is now stinking obvious that the Dutch authorities knew about it. The entire report is written such, that no material is added whatsoever that could lead to conclusions about who did it (the main conclusion of the report, namely that MH17 was downed by ‘highly energetic objects’ can both mean shrapnel from a BUK, but also the combination of a light weight R-60 warhead + machine gun bullets. These two competing scenarios are the only realistic ones, incriminating rebels and Kiev respectively). They know they can’t provide evidence that Russia did it and they will never provide evidence to incriminate Kiev, on orders of the US, who is busy with a war of destruction of Putin Russia, the resists the NWO/US World Empire. Conclusion: it looks like it was a slip of the tongue of the clumsy Dutch foreign minister Timmermans, when he was questioned about a different topic, namely his over-emotional tear jerker show in the Security Council. The sad truth is, that it seems that in order to please his American masters, Timmermans is willing to lie about the conduct of Russophile seperatists and at the same time betray 200 hundred of his killed Dutch compatriots for political opportunism, namely to cover up the crimes of new found ‘ally’, CIA-run Kiev. But we already know first hand that European politicians will do anything to please their masters, even if it is against their own interest, like imposing sanctions on Russia or covering up the death of 200 Dutchmen murdered by Kiev, possibly even with active support by the US in order to create the desired international scandal to blame Russia in coordination with the Western CIA-controlled media (remember the testimony of Kiev Borispol airport ATC employee and twitterer ‘spainbuca’, who reported [11:13] that there were “‘foreigners’ in the building”).
  • The Dutch investigation team obviously had to produce a neutral report. A non-neutral report incriminating Kiev would not have passed the censor-test executed by Kiev, a suspect, who insanely was nevertheless allowed to veto any contents. This stinks to high heaven and invalidates up front the credibility of the entire ‘investigation’.
  • The crucial mistake the Kiev incompetents made was, that they were unable to destroy the plane in one single blow, in order to simulate a Buk attack. Now it was necessary to launch a second attack, but in the mean time the plane was able to make the u-turn (observed from the ground), have the oxygen masks activated before the Ukrainian fighter jet opened machine gun fire, causing the characteristic holes in the cockpit.

Yesterday, during the regular Friday-night interview with the Dutch PM, Mark Rutte told his interviewer that “the Netherlands would do everything it could to find the truth, but that the current situation in the Ukraine is too dangerous to send investigators“. A blatant lie, because there is a cease fire, apart from occasional shelling of Donetsk.

The crash site near Torez is in rebel hands, plus there is a ceasefire, so nothing would stop investigators to pick up their work again, but the West is not interested because they know Kiev did it and they are not keen on proving that. And every now and then the system media will hint that Russia probably did it, to discredit Putin in the eyes of the boobs.

But in a few weeks time, the rebel controlled crash area will be covered with snow and valuable time will be gained, helping to make the Western cover-up strategy of the West a success. On government level nobody will accuse Russia anymore, apart from loose cannons like Timmermans, who successfully is using his slimy allegiance towards his US masters to advance his career and saw himself rewarded with a high post in the EU nomenclature (and because he speaks many languages), where he no doubt will continue to wage his war against Russia, on behalf of Washington.

[] – MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

More eyewitnesses reporting about a plane, climbing into the clouds and then the explosion. Remember that it were the Russians who officially reported the presence of a fighter jet near MH17. These claims were never debunked by the West.

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Flight Path
Kiev Borispol ATC to MH17: could you please change course and fly over a war zone? Thanks in advance!

We posted this video before, but it has been updated yesterday, including a new eyewitness, direct at the beginning of the video.

Meanwhile Russia’s UN envoy has demanded that Kiev releases the records of communications between the Ukrainian air traffic control and the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 in the hours before it was shot down over Ukraine’s turbulent east. Russia would not have said it if they weren’t confident that these communications would reveal Kiev’s complicity. And we still have a suspicion that Russia has a copy of these communications, obtained during the four days that the black boxes were in the possession of the rebels, but that Moscow is withholding that information to see if the West is stupid enough to publish these records with the last crucial minutes deleted. That would be the opportunity for Russia to launch the Mother of all Embarrassments and release the full recordings.

[] – Kiev must publish record of MH17 communications with traffic control – Russia

Meanwhile, Western media have gone completely silent about the disaster, because they know:

Kiev did it.

This is how a Buk operates, the noise it makes and the contrail between revealing launchpad and target. The numerous eyewitnesses should have heard the Buk-moise and seen the contrail. Nothing of that exists. This makes the Buk-scenario highly implausible.

Youtube text: 22 October 2014 – Three months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was violently brought down from the skies over Ukraine, there are still no definitive answers to what caused the tragedy. Civil conflict in the area prevented international experts from conducting a full and thorough investigation. The wreckage should have been collected and scrupulously re-assembled to identify all the damage, but this standard investigative procedure was never carried out. Until that’s done, evidence can only be gleaned from pictures of the debris, the flight recorders or black boxes and eye-witnesses’ testimonies. This may be enough to help build a picture of what really happened to the aircraft, whether a rocket fired from the ground or gunfire from a military jet.

Editor: brand new documentary from RT on MH17.

2:15 – eyewitness declaring that after the crash a plane was flying away.
8:01 – another eyewitness reporting about another plane and shooting (‘2 pops’) and a big explosion.
8:27 – ‘a small military aircraft in the sky with silver underside’… I’m 100% sure there was another aircraft.
11:50 – Haisenko says that several sources have updated their data and reduced the maximum flight altitude of a SU-25 substantially downwards. 14,600 meters should be possible.
12:07 – Russian air force commander-in-chief (Vladimir Mikhailov) testifies that a SU-25 can quickly climb to an altitude of 9200-9600 meters and stay there for half an hour, provided the pilot has an oxygen mask. Mikhailov says that he personally flew at that altitude. He says that an SU-25 could have downed the MH17 with an air-2-air missile or using its weapon.
13:15 – The armaments and 30 mm gun in particular of a SU-25 (NATO: frog-foot) are shown in detail. Fire range 300-2000 m. Russian air force carries out a test attack against old scrap planes.
14:52 – test results shown (entry holes).
15:11 – Exit holes are shown at other side of plane.
19:32 – why it is implausible that a Buk was fired: kilometers high vapor contrail would have been visible.
19:48 – There was hardly any wind that day.
20:18 – The vapor trail should have been visible for up to 10 minutes.


– Spainbuca twitter feed

Borispol Spanish airtraffic controller Carlos Buca, with twitter handle “@spainbuca” of 4 years old, who began twittering, minutes after the MH17 was hit, accusing Ukraine of downing the plane. Nobody ever heard of him again.

Full transcript here:

[] – Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing MH#17

This is really important evidence. There can be no doubt that the feed is authentic. It was a long existing twitter handle and began reporting minutes after the plane was hit. Nobody was in a better position to know than a Borispol flight controller. He talks about TWO figher planes escorting MH17.

This Spanish national Carlos Buca ‘@spainbuca’, reportedly working for Ukrainian traffic control, who spilled the beans about what had happened, namely that MH17 was trailed and shot down by two Ukrainian fighter jets. De full text of the twitter feed is here and copied at the end of this post. This gist is: in the afternoon the Ukrainian military takes over flight control in Kiev (Borispol?). Carlos Buca probably has his smartphone at hand and twitters what is going on. He writes that MH17 has gone of the radar and that there was no communication with the plane about it. In despair Carlos writes that the plane is down and it should look like an attack by the rebels. Reports that he and others are threatened. Says that at any moment their phones can be taken… or break my head. Then he refers to ‘foreigners’ in the building (let us guess: Canadians? Norwegians?). Says that Ukrainian fighter jet escorted MH17 until 2 minutes before it disappeared from radar (that would be the time it takes for the plane to fall from the sky). Then suggests the action may the consequence of an internal power struggle between Poroshenko and Timoshenko.

[Spanish RT] – interview with alleged air traffic controller [English transcript]

[ETN Global Travel Industry News]

3. It was reported by Interfax that the Ukrainian secret service SBU confiscated recordings of communications between air traffic control and MH17. What do they have to hide?

4. There is a video about amateuristic Ukrainian fabricated ‘evidence’, dated a day before the crash, which shows that the fate of MH17 may have been sealed 24 hours in advance:


Russian government version

[] – Russia offers alternate takes to what brought down MH17

Here is CNN’s representation of the Russian government’s take on MH17:

A Ukrainian fighter jet shot it down

On the day of the crash, Russia’s radar system spotted a Ukrainian Air Force jet approaching the Boeing, said Russian Army Lt. Gen. Andrey Kartopolov. “Its standard armament includes R60 air-to-air missiles, which are capable of locking and hitting targets from 12 kilometers (7 miles) and which are guaranteed to hit the target from the distance of 5 kilometers (3 miles),” he said.

Putin’s plane was the target

According to some accounts in the Russian media, MH17 was traveling along almost the same route as President Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane, which was returning to Moscow from a summit in Brazil. Both planes have red, white and blue markings.

“The contours of the airplanes are in general similar, the linear dimensions are also very similar and regarding the coloring, from a sufficiently long distance, they are practically identical,” an aviation source was quoted as telling the news outlet, RT.

Rebel’s were not able to take down a passenger plane

Rebel leader Alexander Borodai has maintained for days that MH17 was shot down, just not by his forces. He said they don’t have that capability. Asked about the trail of evidence that contradicted him, Borodai just rolled his eyes.

“It’s very easy to refute it,” Borodai told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “Almost all information that comes over the internet is practically all lies.”

Ukraine did it

With the stakes so high even basic information online was being changed to shape facts. The Twitter site @RuGovEdits automatically tracks changes made by Russian government sites to Wikipedia. It has tracked dozens of edits from Moscow to Wikipedia entries about MH17.

In one case, one edit that said the plane was shot down by the pro-Russian rebels was changed less than an hour later by someone inside the Russian government to say: “The plane was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers.”

[] – MH17 ‘was shot down in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN’: Pro-Kremlin media names Ukrainian air force pilot who they allege downed craft


– Kolomoisky video

We are ashamed to have to admit that we missed this little video gem, posted as early as October 22, 2014 and found on Joost Niemöller’s site. At [0:27] the drunken punk Kolomoysky says: “gave a shot accidently – wanted to shoot down the one plane, hit another“. Fascinating. What other plane is he talking about… Putin’s plane, right? Putin, who decided at the last moment not to fly to Rostov but to Moscow, which became his salvation. Otherwise, they could have scraped him from the fields of eastern Ukraine, rather than the 200 Dutch people accidentally killed instead. It looks that the Gods in the sky love Putin, not the Kolomoysky’s of this world, who are now in serious trouble (9/11, Iraq, Syria, Libya, ISIS, Maidan, MH17; uh-oh, timber!). Did you see this, Fred Westerbeke? Where is your arrest warrant for Kolomoysky? Do your job! The 122.5 tons of gold are in Holland anyway. And you, Hollande and Merkel, lift these f* sanctions!

[NTV] – mirror for Kolomoysky video [11:25] and short Niemöller interview [10:08].

Kolomoisky, the alleged planner of the attack. Wanted in several countries for crimes.

The hacker group “KiberBerkut” hacked personal correspondence of the Ukrainian officials regarding downed July 17 Malaysian “Boeing”. In the correspondence of two lieutenants of the oligarch and part time governor Kolomoisky, as well as the new defense minister of Ukraine Valery Geletey actively discussing Ukrainian fascist AF actions and how the local media should present the circumstances of the crash. Earlier conversations indirectly referring to the doctor who refused to remove organs from wounded Ukrainian National Guard soldiers in one of the hospitals.

Below Transcripts of the converstations.

(2 lieutenants)

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Анатолій Гриценко
Слава, дякую за щирі вітання! Головне – це здоров’я та міцні нерви, а все інше ми завжди зможемо здобути своїми руками, головою та працею!..
Thank, thank you for the greetings! The main thing – it’s a health and strong nerves, and everything else we can always get with our hands, head and hard work! ..

26.10.2013 12:18
Анатолій Гриценко
Як життя? Ти не змінив місце проживання? Здається, ти хотів перебиратись із сім’єю до столиці?
How’s everything? Are still living in the same place? I heard you wanted to move your family to the capital?

26.10.2013 12:47
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Анатолій Степанович, в мене все гаразд! Ні, не змінив. Моя політична кар’єра в дніпропетровську є стабільною, а пропозиція Арсенія Петровича хоча і є цікавою але зараз я не готов кинути все заради того, щоб по суті починати все спочатку
Anatoly Stepanovich everything is fine! No, I didn’t move. My political career in Dnepropetrovsk is stable, although offer from ArsenyPetrovich [Yaitchenyukh], was interesting I’m not ready to give up everything in order to essentially start over

26.10.2013 13:08
Анатолій Гриценко
Звісно вирішувати тобі! І добре, що все гаразд. Передавай мої вітання шефу.
Of course its for you to decide! Glad to hear everything is good. Send my regards to the chief [Kolomoysky].

26.10.2013 13:10
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Спасибі! Неодмінно передам!
Thank you! Sure will!

01.01.2014 22:29
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Вже прийшли до нас морози, І ведмідь хропить в берлозі, Ми вже п’яні, чути сміх, З Новим роком вас усіх!
[x-mas carol] Cold is here, and bear already asleep, we are hearing laughs. And wish everybody Happy new Year!.

01.01.2014 22:32
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
З Новим Роком, Анатолій Степанович! Бажаю вам, бажаю всій країні, бажаю всім нам, щоб в Новому Році ця скотина в короні як найшвидше була скинута зі свого трону волею усього народу! Бажаю в новому році здобути нову, сильну та прекрасну країну! Ще раз з Новим Роком! Слава Україні!
Happy New Year, Anatoly Stepanovich! I wish you, the whole country, and all of us in upcoming New Year that beast [ex. president Yanukovich] will be deposed as soon as possible. I wish for a new, strong and beautiful country! Once again, Happy New Year! Glory to Ukraine!

03.01.2014 19:20
Анатолій Гриценко
З Новим Роком, Слава! Тобі також всього найкращого у наступному році!
Happy New Year, Slava! Same to you, all the best wishes!

03.01.2014 19:21
Анатолій Гриценко
Я приєднуюсь до твоїх побажань, і також бажаю всій країні, щоб вони здійснились якнайшвидше! Героям Слава!!!
Same to you!

17.07.2014 13:21 UTC MH17 downed

19.07.2014 09:15
Анатолій Гриценко
Слава! Якого чорта?! Що ви суки накоїли? Як можна було викласти це відео за добу до проведення операції???!!! Ти розумієш, що «рашисти» його вже передали на експертизу, та запросили з Ютюба дату першого завантаження???
Slava! What the hell ?! What are you bitches done? How anyone could upload this video a day before the operation ??? [MH-17 provocation] !!! You know perfectly well that russians employed experts, and requested from youtube date of the first upload ???

19.07.2014 09:17
Анатолій Гриценко
А ці придурки, які були за пультом в Харкові? У ВАС ТАМ ПАМ’ЯТЬ ПОВІДШИБАЛО?! Я не розумію як так їх ловлять наші хлопці на кордоні з Кримом, хоча їх повинні були відразу затримати саме ваші люди??? Я бачу, ви з Шефом зовсім прихуїли у своєму Дніпрожидовську!!! Петро вас розірве!!!! Я САМ ВАС РОЗІРВУ!!!
And those assholes at the comand center in Kharkov? [Air Defence control center in Kharkov, Ukraine] ARE YOU LOST YOUR FRACKING BRAINS? I don’t understand, how they got cought on the border with Crimea? It was your people??? I see you and your chief [Kolomoyskiy] totally screwed up in your Dneprojewsk !!! Peter will flay you all alive !!!! Screw that, I’ll do it myself !!!


19.07.2014 09:25
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Анатолий Степанович, я вам сейчас перезвоню! Я вышел а телефон остался в кабинете, в интернете с планшета. Я вас сейчас же наберу, пара минут.
Anatoly Stepanovich I’ll call you right back! I was out of the office for a second and left my phone in the office. I’ll call you directly.

23.07.2014 17:38
Анатолій Гриценко
Якщо шеф зараз поряд з тобою – дай йому слухавку! Я знаю, що у вас зара нарада іде – так що просто передай йому слухавку! ШВИДКО! Я зараз наберу тебе.
If chief [Kolomoysky] with you, put him on the phone! I know you have meeting right now, thus don’t bother to talk, just put your boss on the phone! DIRECTLY! I’m dialing, right now!

23.07.2014 17:40
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Go ahead

Transcript II
(with defence minister)

12.07.2014 23:01
Валерий Гелетей
Это мой профиль. По телефону или скайпу больше такого не спрашивай! И здесь – все только условными фразами. Это понятно?
This is my profile. And never again ask those questions on the phone or Skype! And here also use only code-phrases, is that understood?

12.07.2014 23:03
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Понял. Хотя насчет телефонов я не совсем разделяю вашу обеспокоенность. У нас все согласовано.
Understood! But I don’t agree with extra precautions in phone conversations. Everything is copacetic.

12.07.2014 23:06
Валерий Гелетей
По диспетчерам с твоим шефом мы уже все решили. Он сказал, что контроль будет на тебе. Завтра я пришлю тебе своего человека, и ты должен будешь через него каждый день мне докладывать о ходе всех запланированных этапов подготовки, которые в вашей ответственности!
Reagaring ATC’s we have agreement with your boss. He [Kolomoysky] said you will be curator of the operation. I’ll send my man tomorrow, and you will report to me daily through him about every detail of the preparation process, for which you are responsible!

12.07.2014 23:07
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Валерий Викторович, а человек зачем? Или вы уже решили, что я сбегу и оставлю семью неизвестно у кого?
Valery Victorovich [Ukrainian Defense Minister] why do a need a watch man? Do you really thing I’ll go on the run? and leave my family?

12.07.2014 23:09
Валерий Гелетей
У тебя память короткая. Ты забыл, как тебе передали инструкции? Вот такой же человек, который сможет гарантировать защиту и конфиденциальность твоих докладов мне – завтра к тебе и прибудет.
You have a short memory. Have you forgotten your instructions? He is a man who can guarantee the protection and confidentiality of your reports to me – you will meet him tomorrow.

12.07.2014 23:09
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Хорошо, жду!
Good, can’t wait!

14.07.2014 20:43
Валерий Гелетей
Напоминаю про обещание твоего шефа: сценариев репортажей я от вас так и не дождался! Завтра утром, когда будешь передавать мне отчет, пришли мне сценарии и видео, которое вы сделали.
Let me remind you about your bos’s promise to provide me with copies of the scripts for the media reports. In the morning, with your dayly report do send me those scripts and prepared videos.

14.07.2014 20:47
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Валерий Викторович, шеф задание директору канала дал еще неделю назад! Он гад страх потерял – затянул со сроками! Но сегодня они уже все закончили. Набросали больше 10 сценариев, для разных вариантов развития событий, на первые двое суток. Сейчас работают над следующими тремя сутками. Утром вам все пришлю.
Valery Victorovich, boss directly ordered CEO of TV cnannel week ago to get everything done. HE delayed everything. But today everything is completed. Prepared more than 10 different scenarios depending on actual events to happen for the first 48 hours. Right now working for the news coverages for 3 days more. You’ll get everything first thing in the morning.

14.07.2014 20:48
Валерий Гелетей
И видео не забудь – у меня о нем Петр Алексеевич спрашивал.
Don’t forget to include the video. Petr Alekseevich [Poroshenko, president of Ukraine] specifically asked to see it.

14.07.2014 20:48
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Я понял. Все сделаю. До связи.
Understood. Everything will be done. Catch you next time.

16.07.2014 08:46
Валерий Гелетей
Дальше связь только через наш канал. Человек будет у тебя, пока это необходимо мне. И шефа спроси, почему к нему как обычно не дозвониться, а потом он начинает сам звонить и рассказывать все почти открытым текстом?
From now on any communications only through our [secure, military?] channel. My man will be with you untill further notice, as long as it is necessary for me. Also ask you boss [Kolomoysky] why he is unreachable, and then he will call back on unsecured channel and flap his mouth about everything?

16.07.2014 08:48
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ок! Без проблем.
Sure, will do.

16.07.2014 08:49
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Шефу тоже передам, но у него же телефон с шифрацией, его не прослушаешь и не раскодируешь. Все равно будет звонить!
I’ll tell chief [Kolomoysky] for sure, but why? He [Kolomoysky] also has secure phone with scrambler. No one can eavesdrop or decode anyway. Well, he [Kolomoysky] wil call you anyway.

16.07.2014 08:51
Валерий Гелетей
Да, только у него с шифрацией, а у меня, на который он вечно звонит – нет. Так что напомни ему мою просьбу о безопасном канале. По крайней мере, до конца операции.
Sure, even if his [Kolomoysky] phone is secure he keep calling me on unsecured one. Ergo, remind him about my request to use secure line. At least untill operation is over.

16.07.2014 08:51
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Да, конечно. Я передам сегодня же вечером.
Sure, of course, I’ll pass it tonight, directly.

Transcript III
(2 lieutenants)

01.05.2014 10:26
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Юра, заедь ко мне сегодня
Yura, stop by my place…

01.05.2014 10:43
Юрій Береза
Сегодня смогу после 20 или уже завтра утром.
Not today, may be after 8:00PM or tomorrow morning.

01.05.2014 10:50
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ладно, давай завтра. Позвонишь
O’k, lets make it tomorrow, call me first.

10.05.2014 10:02
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Возьми так называемые пропозиции, о которых мы говорили в прошлый раз, и постарайся сегодня у меня появится
Grab so called propositions we’re talking about last time, and try to make it today.

10.05.2014 10:09
Юрій Береза
Да не вопрос. Наберу тебя через часик!
Not a problem. Will cal you in about an hour or so!

25.05.2014 19:43
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Завтра утром мы с шефом тебя ждем, тебе передали?
Me and the boss[Kolomoysky] expecting you tomorrow. Did you get a message?

25.05.2014 19:45
Юрій Береза
Да. Буду к 10
Of course, will be there at 10:00AM

25.05.2014 19:45
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ладно, тогда до завтра.
Good, See you then.

07.06.2014 21:07
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Юра, мы же на сегодня договаривались!
Yura, we agreed to meet today! [why didn’t you showed up]

07.06.2014 21:10
Юрій Береза
Так получилось, срочные дела были…
Sh!t happens, emergencies…

07.06.2014 21:11
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
И что теперь? Когда сможешь подъехать?

07.06.2014 21:11
Юрій Береза
Скорей всего завтра после обеда. Вы будете на месте?
Most likely tomorrow after lunch. Are [both of] you will be there?

07.06.2014 21:12
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Да, будем. Заходи
Sure, come on in.

16.06.2014 11:13
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ты так и не прислал мне материалы. Забыл или что?
You haven’t sent me anything. Forgot?

16.06.2014 11:19
Юрій Береза
Нет, надо еще кое-что добавить. Сегодня вечером мне перекинут дополнительные фотографии, и тогда уже все вместе пришлю тебе.
No, had to add something. Tonight I’ll get additional photos, and then everything will be on your desk [tomorrow?]

16.06.2014 11:20
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ок, давай
O’k, good.

28.06.2014 20:35
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Набери меня, я тебе не дозваниваюсь, ты вне зоны. Что там решилось?
Call me, I can’t reach you, always out of coverage zone. What was the final decision?

И кстати, что с ранеными? Вас разместили?
By the way, what is going on with wounded? everything O’k? [Referring to the wounded Ukrainian soldiers chosen for disassembly for organs to be sold on the black market]

28.06.2014 20:39
Юрій Береза
Раненых разместили, все нормально. Только главврачу пришлось немного мозги прочистить) провели политбеседу, так сказать, применили меры))
The wounded were placed, everything is fine. Only the head physician give us hard time, had to do little “brain washing”, so to speak, “applied measures”))
[Apparently one of the doctors refused to participate in organ removal operations. Please note two smily faces at the end of the sentence]

28.06.2014 20:40
Юрій Береза
Сегодня все не смогу – надо ребят отправить. Завтра утром. Подойдет?
Wouldn’t be able to do everything today – need to send boys out. Tomorrow morning? If its O’k with you.

28.06.2014 20:40
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Да, нормально. А насчет врача не слышал еще!
Sure, acceptable. I haven’t heard about doctor yet!

28.06.2014 20:41
Юрій Береза
Да теперь все ок.
Everything is fine now [Doctor was killed]

28.06.2014 20:41
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Я не сомневаюсь
I never doubted you.

07.07.2014 09:56
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ты мне будешь нужен сегодня! Надо с материалами до конца определиться. Бери спеца и приезжайте после 18:00.
I will need you tonight! Need to decide about materials [mass media coverage] Take an expert and I’ll see you two after 6:00PM

07.07.2014 10:07
Юрій Береза
Да помню я! будем
I remember! Will be there.

17.07.2014 21:21
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Что с архивом? Пароль не катит. Кратко – что там? Как в итоге?
What happen to archive? Password does not work. In two words – whats in there? What is the result?

17.07.2014 21:22
Юрій Береза
Да обычный пароль! Раскладку и капс проверь.
Regular password, check CAPS or language settings.

17.07.2014 21:22
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
Ладно, фиг с ним. Что? И как?
Screw it. What and How [it went]?

17.07.2014 21:23
Юрій Береза
землей – прямым – воздухом
Ground [SAM] – direct [referring to cannon] – air [air to air missile]

17.07.2014 21:24
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
А воздухом какого хера???
Why air in the fracking world? [Air to air missile]

17.07.2014 21:26
Юрій Береза
Передали, что не смог долго удерживаться там, типа высоко. Сделал один прямым. Не проканало. Тогда пришлось воздухом.
[Pilot] reported that he could not keep plane so high for a long time. Made one straight [cannon salvo]. Didn’t worked. Then had to use air to air [missile].

17.07.2014 21:27
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
А почему сначала харьковских подняли?
Why Kharkov was involved? [Air defense military command center]

17.07.2014 21:30
Юрій Береза
Они сказали, что сначала команда пришла из Киева на харьковский пульт, а когда он начал разворачиваться, тогда уже остальных подключили.
They said that the first orders came from Kiev to Kharkov control [Air defense military command center] , only when they went on defcon others begun to follow.

17.07.2014 21:32
Svyatoslav Oliynyk
ясно, ну расскажешь еще потом подробнее. Ты без задержек?
got it, well later on you’ll provide me all details [in personal conversation] Any delays?

17.07.2014 21:34
Юрій Береза
Да, скоро на месте буду. Только закончил с журналистами.
Absolutely, soon well be there, Just finished with journalists.


Our take: impossible to verify, obviously CyberBerkut has a horse in this race, but interesting nevertheless, because of the concrete names mentioned. Needs confirmation first.


Igor Kolomoiski

Ukrainian president Poroshenko (or Porky for friends) has fired his governor of Dnipropetrowsk, Igor Kolomoiski, a scenic character who had interesting things to say about MH17. Kolomoiski operates private armies (Dnipro battalion), that fought against the insurgents in Donbass and as such was an important ally of Kiev, not in the least because of the financing of the war. Kolomoiski leaned too far out of the window when he commanded troops to Kiev to occupy two of the HQs of his energy companies, to prevent the management of being fired, a parliament decision as a consequence of IMF ordered reforms. According to Poroshenko there is no longer room for private armies in Ukraine. It was Kolomoisky who prevented that Dnipropetrowsk would fall to the insurgents as well.

[] – Poroschenko entlässt Oligarch Kolomoiski als Gouverneur


– Pilot Vladislav Voloshin and his alleged “suicide”


The Russian government identified Vladislav Voloshin as the pilot they think shot down MH17 from his SU-25 fighter jet. Interestingly, the BBC reported that this young man committed “suicide”. Note that even the BBC is honest enough to put the world suicide between quotes.

[] – MH17 crash: Ukraine pilot blamed by Russia ‘kills himself’


We have come to the conclusion months ago that MH17 was downed by a Ukrainian fighter jet. And since the Ukrainians do not possess unmanned fighter jets, there must have been a pilot with a name who pulled the trigger. That name could be Vladislav Voloshin.

[vineyardsaker] – New testimony about the shooting down of MH17
[] – Russia to probe media reports that Ukraine military shot down MH17
[] – Transcript

Komsomolskaia Pravda interviews a man who claims to have been an anonymous witness to the take-off of three aircraft, one of which allegedly shot down MH17.

“About an hour before the catastrophe, three fighter jets took off [from Dnepropetrovsk]. One of the planes was an Su-25, which was equipped with these kind of [air-to-air] missiles,”… Once the surviving pilot got out of the plane, he looked “very frightened.”… The Ukrainian pilot’s first words as he got out of the jet were: “Wrong plane,” the alleged witness claimed. Later in the evening that same pilot also reportedly stated: “The plane happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.” According to RT, the pilot Vladislav Voloshin is real.

The Russian first channel deemed the story credible enough to report about it.

Editor: we have no opinion yet about the veracity of this story, the essence of which is that Ukraine did it, but not on purpose and that the downing was a mistake perpetrated by the pilot. Perhaps Ukraine tries to put the blame on a scapegoat as a compromise and a relatively easy way out of the mess it created itself, now that too many people see through the propaganda war?


The British Daily Mail newspaper (DM) refers to the Russian TV program Moment of Truth as well as Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper for a new angle on the MH17 disaster, which btw is rejected as ‘outlandish’ by the DM.

Highlights theory:

  • The downing of MH17 was a mistaken attempt to assassinate president Putin
  • Oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi was behind the attack
  • Ukrainian Lt Col Dmitro Yakatsuts pushed the button
  • Yakatsuts and female air traffic controller Anna Petrenko ‘disappeared to Dubai’

Short story: Kolomoyskyi believed that Putin would fly over Ukraine and ordered the Ukrainian air force to shoot his plane down. Air traffic controller Anna Petrenko was supposedly ‘handling’ MH17 at the time of the incident. Pilot Dmitro Yakatsuts and air traffic controller Anna Petrenko are said to have disappeared to Dubai immediately after the incident. What saved Putin , according to the story was that he changed his mind and traveled to Moscow rather than Rostov.

[] – MH17 ‘was shot down in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN’

Editor: We noticed that Kolomoisky was linked to the MH17 drama before. How to reconcile this with the Vladislav Voloshin story? Wild, wild speculation: the Russians are telling the truth about Kolomoisky, Yakatsuts and Petrenko, where the Ukrainians have decided that they can’t resist the truth much longer and that they are pushing a fall guy into the spotlights, Vladislav Voloshin, to keep the real perpetrators and Ukrainian power brokers in the dark.


The pilot Vladislav Voloshin, accused by an anonymous witness of shooting down MH17 on July 17, was decorated two days later by the Ukrainian government.

Presidential decree number 599/2014 Ukraine

Order Bogdan Khmelnitsky III-level

VOLOSHYNA VLADYSLAVA VALERIYOVYCHA – Captain (ВОЛОШИНА Владислава Валерійовича – капітана)

The Ukrainian secret service SBU claims that Voloshin was not on duty on July 17.

[] – Beschuldigde Oekraïense piloot kreeg onderscheiding.
[] – Su-25 Pilot Allegedly Behind MH17 Downing Not on Duty on July 17: Kiev


– Radar pictures and black box



On that fateful day of July 17, 2014, there were numerous commercial flights over Donbass. Source:

Opening item yesterday Dutch 20.00 pm news: until July 17, 2014, flying over Donbass was far more common than was known until now, see chart. There were indeed very few airlines that avoided eastern Ukraine for safety reasons, like BA and Condor, but almost every other commercial airline kept flying over the area.

And since the leaking of the email from the Dutch Foreign Office we now know that there was indeed no serious danger for these planes. Why? Because the rebels had no means (or motive) to down a commercial airlines and neither had official Kiev any intention to set up a false flag attack against an airliner, in contrast to what internet ‘conspiracy theorists’ (like yours faithfully [*]) kept on saying initially, now that it is almost certain that it was rogue element Kolomoisky who ordered the attack, with no other motive than to kill Putin. If Vladimir Putin had not been on board of a plane, flying from South-America back home to Rostov, nothing would have happened and Malaysia Airlines would still be safely flying daily over the same crash area.

The MH17 attack should be seen as a failed attempt by the global oligarchs (Kolomoisky, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Nemtsov, Kasparov and the rest of the criminal gangster tribe) to clear the main obstacle of the NWO out of the way, but apparently, the Gods in the sky love Putin more than the oligarchs and made Putin decide to go to Moscow instead… and survived. And now after the failed enterprises like 9/11, Iraq, Syria and the war in Donbass, MH17 should be added as yet another failure for our oligarch friends.

They are not as smart as they like to think they are.

[] – Juist meer vluchten boven Oost-Oekraïne voor MH17-ramp

[*] – most of the reasons mentioned are still valid, except that it probably was not the Kiev government who ordered the shooting, but Kolomoisky. But the Kiev government was and is certainly complicit in attempting to cover the affair up and falsely blame Russia. And the Americans and western media don’t mind giving a helping hand either.


In Dutch parliament there is a brave MH17-dissident, Christian democrat Pieter Omtzigt and there are two individuals busy with trying to cover up the case that stinks to high heaven: #1 PM Mark Rutte and #2 ‘justice’ minister Aart van der Steur.

Pieter Omtzigt has asked the Dutch government to request Russian and Ukrainian radar pictures, but the government discourages such a move. The Dutch government is simply not interested in the truth, they are merely doing the dirty work for the US government and help covering the case up.

Oh wait, it doesn’t make sense to ask the Ukrainian government for radar pictures, because these angelic people informed the world that at the time of the MH17 tragedy, Ukrainian military radar was switched off, because, you see, there was no Ukrainian fighter jet in the air at the time. And the civilian radar happened to be out of service… for maintenance reasons! Right.

MH17 is very easy to solve: just study the radar pictures. The US has these pictures but refuses to produce them. Not difficult to come up with a reason why: because they could reveal something that the US is keen to keep under the rug. Like a Buk-missile being launched from Ukrainian army held territory or more likely, two Ukrainian/Georgian fighter jets escorting MH17, like the Russian government has said and confirmed by several eyewitness on the ground.

It is just with 9/11, where not a single court case has ever been organized for the crime of the century (a century that is still young), just highly suspicious undocumented raids on compounds in Pakistan, rash burial of bin Laden in the sea and afterwards all the participants in that raid killed, just like Oswald was killed… to cover up a false narrative.

[] – MH17. De radarbeelden, Rutte. De radarbeelden
[] – Pieter Omtzigt

Dutch language video. Discussion between Christian Democrat Pieter Omtzigt and representative of shock-blog Geenstijl, a relatively new (2003) internet-based political factor and main platform of resistance against the Islamization of the Netherlands. Shared skepticism about the Onderzoeksraad report. Disbelief about the Ukrainian official story that all the radars were switched off. Furthermore, the Onderzoeksraad did not request the tapes of the last minute conversation with Kiev flight control. There are at least four sources of radar images, Russia, Ukraine, USA, AWACS engaged in a NATO exercise at the time of the disaster; none were handed over to the Onderzoeksraad. The missing radar and satellite images are the greatest omission in the eyes of Omtzigt.

[] – Gesprek op Niveau: Jan Roos en Pieter Omtzigt


There are signs that der Spiegel has got a little intimidated by the negative reader comments concerning der Spiegel’s continued reliance on Bellingcat’s ‘research’. Now der Spiegel discloses that one of the person’s working on the case of the alleged Russian fake MH17 radar pictures, was a former Stasi collaborator named Olaf Neitsch, who worked under the nick Timmi Allen. The Stasi was the intelligence agency of the communist GDR of former fame.

Timmi Allan, hobby photo forensic analyst

[] – Bellingcat-Autor war hauptamtlicher Stasi-Mitarbeiter
[] – Virtuelle Wahrheiten im ZDF


The Russian newspaper MK has obtained a screenshot of the recording of a civilian Russian radar screen in Rostov – just east of the Russian-Ukrainian border… What this image shows is 20 minutes of recording of the airspace before and after the shooting down of MH17. The course of MH17 is shown in purple while the numerous little blue “T” shaped objects in the circle show the radar return of one or, possibly two, aircraft which either do not have a transponder or which have not switched it on. Either way, since we know that the Novorussian Resistance did not have aircraft, and since we know that the Ukrainians have denied that they had any aircraft anywhere near this area at that time, and since we know that had this been a Russian aircraft the US/NATO AWACS and satellites would have picked it up and presented this damning proof a long time ago we can come to the only possible conclusion: the Ukies and their US/EU patrons are lying, the aircraft seen on the radar are Ukrainian, no Buk missile was involved in the shooting (though I personally believe that one was used to cue the Ukrainian aircraft to MH17) and that MH17 was shot down by a combo of gun and missile fire from one or two Ukrainian aircraft.


Editor: it is noteworthy that the release of this evidence happens so low-key. Both the West and Russia seem to be interested to not let this case escalate. The Dutch government, burdened with the ‘investigation’, does everything it can to:
1) stay neutral and avoid finger pointing
2) sabotage the investigation as much as it can, to avoid the truth (Kiev did it) coming out

It looks like Putin is trying to avoid a public confrontation with the West, but behind the scenes has won the ‘evidence war’. The remarks made by Kissinger earlier this week point in the same direction: avoidance of confrontation.


When the Malaysian airliner MH370 went missing, the recordings of the last conversations between air traffic control and the plane were released within 72 hours. This is not the case with MH17. It was the Ukrainian interior ministry that confiscated these Borispol recordings, minutes after the plane was downed. The very fact that the British US lapdogs still have not released the recordings should make us very suspicious. The CIA/NSA crowd probably needs time to ‘doctor’ these recordings, if they are going to be released at all. The most likely reason why Kiev confiscated these recordings in the first place, was that the MH17 pilot had noticed on his own radar that he was trailed by one or more Ukrainian Su-25 and had protested about it to air traffic control in Borispol. Additionally we expect to hear 30 mm machine gun fire aimed at the cockpit, in order to take out the pilots. According to Russian intelligence, the MH17 made a sharp 180 degree U-turn, possibly in a pilots attempt to shake of and escape from the attacking Su-25’s.


[] – ‘Nothing unusual happened’

THE preliminary analysis of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17’s cockpit voice recorder (CVR) revealed “nothing out of the ordinary”. A source close to the international investigation told the New Sunday Times that the CVR downloaded by the United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch had picked up the communications between the Malaysia Airlines’ pilot and an unspecified personnel with an air traffic controller (ATC). “So far, from what the team has heard, there was nothing unusual. The last voice heard was not the pilot’s. No, there was no indication that the pilots saw or sensed anything off,” the source said without elaborating further to protect the investigations. This may mean that whatever happened was very sudden.

Our take: it probably was a blunder of the Russians/rebels to hand over both black boxes in good faith to the Dutch, who promptly gave them to the British, America’s premier lap dog. No recordings released to the public, just rumors via untraceable sources. The Russians should have kept one black box for themselves.

[] Yoichi Shimatsu – Malaysian Air Probes Are Led By Perpetrators Of The Lockerbie Cover-up


– 122 ton repatriated Dutch gold from NYC


The unexpected has happened: the US has given gold back after all. No, not to Germany, but to the Netherlands. 122.5 ton, quite a lot actually ($5.9 billion). Source: the Dutch central bank:

De Nederlandsche Bank has adjusted its allocation policy for its gold reserves. To achieve a more balanced distribution of gold over the various locations, DNB has shipped gold from the US to the Netherlands.

In the old situation 11% of the gold reserves were located in the Netherlands, 51% in the US, with the remainder in Canada (20%) and the UK (18%). The location distribution according to the revised policy is as follows: 31% in Amsterdam, 31% in New York, while the percentages for Ottawa and London with 20 and 18 % remain unchanged.

Editor: so, why does the US give gold back to the Netherlands and not to Germany? Our cynical suspicion: has this perhaps anything to do with the MH17 case? Is this the price the US is paying for the Dutch to remain silent about the true causes of the tragedy in Donbass, namely that Kiev, freshly snatched from the Russian sphere of influence, did it?


[] – 122 Tons of Gold Secretly Repatriated to the Netherlands


The US has repatriated 122.5 ton of gold to the Netherlands. The only reason we can think of why the US did that was to buy the cooperation of the Dutch authorities in covering up the MH17 disaster. But now the genie is out of the bottle and France and Belgium demand their gold back too. French opposition leader Marine le Pen has written an open letter, demanding that France gets its gold back from the US:

[] – Marine Le Pen Demands Central Bank Repatriate French Gold

And it won’t be long before Germany will chime in. And then there is Italy. And Austria.

Editor: we all know that it is probably an illusion to expect the US to send back the European gold, after all: every thief knows that it is irrelevant who is the official owner of an asset; it is in whose pocket the asset is what really matters. But we can still pretend that we believe in it and in the meantime begin to make an inventory of US assets on European soil and exploit the issue to generate a low level conflict with the US. The most interesting US asset of course is the US nuclear weapons stockpile in Europe, because these weapons are stored in the countries that want their gold back (exception: France).

Location of US nuclear weapons on European soil

And at the same time, European right wing parties should slowly start to position themselves as the defenders of the interests of Constitutionalist Euro-America, since nobody else does and as a preparation of future European intervention when things will go wrong in the US, after the fall of the dollar.

UPDATE 20-12-2014:

[] – Gold Repatriation and The Monetary Crisis: Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands Want Their Gold Back

span style=”visibility:hidden;”>+++

– Composition “investigation” team


The Dutch Openbaar Ministerie (public prosecutor) admitted that an agreement exists concerning the MH17 investigation between the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and [drummroll]… Ukraine!

In any real trial, ALL voices will be heard, before a verdict is given. But not in this Stalinist show trial, that from the start had no other purpose than to denounce Russia, for geopolitical reasons. The US and its European vassal elite are intent on colonizing Ukraine and steal it from the traditional Russian sphere of influence, a-nice-to-have for their intended World State, to be governed from Washington-New York.

29 augustus 2014 – Landelijk Parket

On 7 August 2014, following the coordination meeting held at Eurojust on 28 July, authorities from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine signed an agreement to set up a joint investigation team (JIT) to investigate the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, with the participation of Malaysia and Eurojust.

The JIT supports UN Security Council Resolution 2166’s call for a full, thorough and independent international investigation into the incident. The resolution calls on all states and actors in the region to cooperate fully with the investigation efforts, including by providing unhindered access to the crash sites.

A JIT facilitates international cooperation and the gathering and sharing of information and evidence. Expertise and knowledge can also be exchanged more easily. Under the aegis of the JIT, for example, forensic and digital investigations can be done.

Authorities from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Ukraine, and Malaysia, as well as authorities in the UK, Germany, the Philippines, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA, countries whose nationals are victims of the crash, are cooperating closely. The Dutch National Public Prosecutors Office is coordinating the JIT. Currently criminal investigations are being conducted in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, Malaysia and Australia.

Dutch and Australian investigators and experts, including a Dutch public prosecutor, are present in Ukraine.

Eurojust is playing an important role in facilitating international cooperation in the investigation into the crash.


A week ago Mark Sleboda reported about the existence of an agreement between exactly these four countries, adding that a non-disclosure agreement was part of the deal. The Dutch Openbaar Ministerie does not confirm this, but more significantly does not deny it either. You can bet your last dollar that the OM was well aware of the non-disclosure agreement ‘rumours’, but nevertheless did not bother to debunk them.

The NOS, (Dutch BBC), however chimes in:

Nederland heeft, naar nu bekend wordt, op 7 augustus een overeenkomst ondertekend met Australië, België en Oekraïne over het onderzoek naar de oorzaak van de vliegramp met MH17. Dat blijkt uit een Engelstalig persbericht namens de vier landen en de Europese justitie-organisatie Eurojust.

Onderdeel van de afspraak is dat de ondertekenaars de baas blijven over de informatie die ze zelf inbrengen. Ze kunnen dus een veto uitspreken over het openbaar maken van hun eigen gegevens. Dergelijke afspraken worden vaker gemaakt in internationale onderzoeken waarin gevoelige informatie van bijvoorbeeld inlichtingendiensten wordt gedeeld.


So it is official: the main suspect, the Kiev junta, has a veto right in preventing sensitive information made public. This stinks to high heaven. It is like Al Capone being a member of the jury, burdened to sentence, well, Al Capone.

The Western political elite must be pretty desperate to engage in such an adventure with the internet around, as if the world is going to be fooled by this. The criminal US political elite wants to destroy Russia and does all it can to create a mega-conflict. The European elite is totally immersed in the Atlanticist Faith, so the leaderless and coward European bitch follows its US pimp, where ever he goes. Exactly how the eastern European bitch behaved vis-a-vis its Soviet pimp. Now look what happened to that bitch when their pimp went belly-up:

We resisted the temptation to post the other picture.

Now where is the European leader who could break with the US pimp and abandon the Atlanticist Faith?


– Western propaganda and cover up


Tegenwicht, NDR comedy


– AA Buk testimony



The key question: SAM or AAM?



Two photos supposedly showing the contrail of the Buk that downed MH17. These pictures were shown by the western media, like the Daily Mail, full eight months after the tragedy, to prove the politically desired result, namely that the Donbass rebels were responsible for the drama, and not the newly acquired western colony Ukraine.

Hobby-journalist Max van der Werff [twitter], a sort of Dutch Bellingcat, but at the same time the opponent of Brown Mozes/Eliot Higgins, traveled to eastern Ukraine to verify the location from where these ‘Buk contrail pictures’ were taken and could debunk the claims, read the links below. The conclusions confirm once again that independent critical journalism no longer exists in the West and that all mainstream media are propaganda outlets on behalf of the government (read: US empire) and nothing else.

[] – MH17 – ‘Buk launch photo’s’ are cheats
[] – Burgerjournalist ontmaskert ‘scoop’ @RTLnieuws over Buk rookpluim


Two photos supposedly showing the contrail of the Buk that downed MH17. These pictures were shown by the western media, like the Daily Mail, full eight months after the tragedy, to prove the politically desired result, namely that the Donbass rebels were responsible for the drama, and not the newly acquired western colony Ukraine.

Hobby-journalist Max van der Werff [twitter], a sort of Dutch Bellingcat, but at the same time the opponent of Brown Mozes/Eliot Higgins, traveled to eastern Ukraine to verify the location from where these ‘Buk contrail pictures’ were taken and could debunk the claims, read the links below. The conclusions confirm once again that independent critical journalism no longer exists in the West and that all mainstream media are propaganda outlets on behalf of the government (read: US empire) and nothing else.

[] – MH17 – ‘Buk launch photo’s’ are cheats
[] – Burgerjournalist ontmaskert ‘scoop’ @RTLnieuws over Buk rookpluim


Where are the 4500 holes? All you see is a grazing shot, originating from a source at roughly the same altitude as the MH17.

Latest analysis from a Russian source ‘Colonel Cassad’. Best takeaway point: a BUK missile has a payload of 32 kg, consisting of ca. 4500 ‘high energy objects’, which should have perforated most, if not every part of the plane. But it did not. Look at the photos of wings and body to verify that most is undamaged. Most holes are in the cockpit area. It was a board canon of a Ukrainian SU-25 and not a BUK. MH17 was an orchestrated event by Ukraine and possibly/probably supported by the CIA. But the Ukrainian incompetents carried out the operation clumsily and the internet does the rest. US lapdog Holland obeys orders from Washington to cover it up and gets 122.5 ton (of its own) gold repatriated as a reward (‘hush gold’).

Expect to learn the truth about MH17 in a distant future, for instance when the US (empire) no longer exists, not earlier.

[] – How the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down
[] – How MH17 was shot down – analysis by Colonel Cassad


A light-weight missile failed to down MH17, so machine-gun fire was necessary to finish off the pilot and the plane. MH17 was a deliberate act carried out by CIA-run Kiev to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe. The incident was used by the US to implement a sanctions regime, against the will of spineless Europeans, in place until today, against the interest of Europe. In hindsight it is obvious that the US secret services were the architects behind the downing of MH17.

This brand-new article does not contain any information that was not posted here before, nevertheless it sums it all all up, including all relevant links to eyewitnesses and documentaries.

[] – Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile


The Dutch recently released a report that said nothing about who was responsible for the tragedy, as was to be expected with new Western colony Ukraine having veto power over its contents. The report ruled out technical causes and came to the conclusion that the plane was brought down by ‘high energy objects’ (shrapnel? bullits?).

Earlier the Russian Union of Engineers produced a report (on 15/08/2014).

About the authors of the report:

A group of experts from the Russian Union of engineers was convened to analyze the situation, including reserve officers with experience in the use of anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as pilots having experience with aircraft weapons.

The Russians accept that the plane was brought down by means of anti-aircraft weapons (missiles and/or cannon). The Russians proceed by investigating two possible scenarios:
1) Buk missile, as was initially promoted by the West (politics and media), but later quietly dropped
2) Air-to-air rocket-cannon fire.

The Russians admit that in general it is very well possible to down a passenger plane like the MH17 with a Buk missile with a hit probability of 0.8-0.95. However, the launch of a Buk is accompanied by a lot of noise between 100-3000m as well as a powerful explosion at the launch site. Furthermore, there is a trail of exhaust up until the clouds and will remain in the air for up to 10 minutes:

Finally, there is an explosion with a known signature in the air at the point of impact:

The 40-50 kg warhead would explode 50-100 m from the target and shrapnel could penetrate the plane, but not break it up. If the hydraulic system would have been damaged, resulting in loss of control over the airplane, the pilots would have been able to inform flight control about the situation, but nothing like that seems to have happened.

Furthermore the plane was downed at broad daylight, over a heavily populated area with many people having telephone-camera’s at their disposal who would have recorded the launch of a Buk from different angles, exactly like happened with the meteor over Chelyabinsk [large compilation here], and would subsequently have been posted on the internet (forums, twitter, youtube). Nothing of the sort happened. Eyewitnesses merely reported explosions and bodies falling from the sky.

Regarding the second option, the Russian engineers observe that there were many eyewitnesses who saw a military plane (some even two):

The Russian Defense ministry has reported during their MH17 press conference…

… that:

on the 17th of July, Russian Air traffic control tracked an aeroplane, potentially an SU-25, of the Ukrainian Air force, climbing towards the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777. The distance between the two aircraft did not exceed 3—4 km. It must be noted that, in line with its specifications, the SU-25 is capable of briefly reaching heights in excess of 10 thousand metres. Standard equipment includes R60 Air to Air missiles. These missiles are capable of engaging and destroying targets to a range of up to 10km with a 100% hit ratio up to 8 km. Accordingly it is not necessary for the aeroplane to closely approach the target – It will be sufficient to simply ensure that the distance to the target falls within the guaranteed limits of the missile.

[Editor: as far as we know the presence of a fighter plane was never denied by the West, just ignored]

The Russians bring in another fighter plane candidate, apart from SU-25:

An SU-25 and MIG-29 appear identical on radar, insofar as they have similar sized reflective surfaces. The practical surface ceiling of a MIG-29 is 18013 m, thus the height at which the Malaysian airliner was travelling (10100 m) can be easily reached. The MIG-29 has two engines generating high thrust which allows the plane to reach speeds of up to 2000kmh.

The Union of Engineers conclude that the second scenario could very well have taken place:

Thus, according to the analysts from the Russian Union of Engineers, we have the complete destruction of the Boeing 777 as [a result of] missile systems using “air-to-air” close-combat missiles as well as a 30-mm aircraft cannon or an SPPU-22 container with GSh-23L 23-mm dual-barrel guns. At the same time, when firing on a target, a laser range finder can be used, or a laser sight, that allows for significantly improved accuracy. This is indicated by the pattern of damage and the dispersal of the fragments: there are round holes, which are typically produced as a result of gun shots, and discontinuous holes characteristic of flechette rockets.

Furthermore, the damage as shown below…

…is not characteristic for a Buk, but more commonly associated with aircraft cannon shells of the GSH or SPPU type. The lite weight warheads R60 (3.5 kg, SU-25) or R-73 (5 kg, MIG-29) are heat seeking devices with little power and designed to kill an engine.

The picture of the entry and exit holes in the cockpit of the Boeing 777 are fully consistent with the passage through the flight of shells from the 20-30 mm caliber guns found on military aircraft. This confirms the second version of what brought down the Boeing.

The Russian Union of Engineers conclude:

An unidentified combat aircraft (presumably a Su-25 or MiG -29), which was a tier below, on a collision course, in the cloud layer, sharply gained altitude and suddenly appeared out of the clouds in front of the civilian aircraft and opened fire on the cockpit, firing from a 30 mm caliber cannon or smaller. The pilot of a fighter jet can do this while in “free hunting” mode (using onboard radar) or with the help of navigational guidance using airspace situation data from ground-based radar.
As a result of multiple hits from shells there was damage to the cockpit, which suddenly depressurized, resulting in instant death for the crew due to mechanical influences and decompression. The attack was sudden and lasted a fraction of a second; in such circumstances the crew could not sound any alarm as the flight had been proceeding in regular mode and no attack was expected… The pilot of the unidentified combat aircraft maneuvered to the rear of the Boeing 777. After that, the unidentified plane remained on the combat course, the pilot provided a target tracking aircraft equipment, took aim and launched his R-60 or R-73 missiles. The result was a loss of cabin pressure, the aircraft control system was destroyed, the autopilot failed, the aircraft lost the ability to maintain its level flight path, and went into a tailspin. The resulting overload led to mechanical failure of the airframe at high altitudes… Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia signed an agreement on August 8 providing that information about the crash investigation would be disclosed only upon the consent of all parties… “The results will be announced at the conclusion of the investigation and with the consent of all parties that have executed the agreement.”

Full report Russian Union of Engineers:
[Russian original]
[English translation]

[] – Malaysian Flight MH17 Crash Analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers
[] – Rapport: Zo schoot Oekraïense jet MH17 neer

Editor: we agree completely with what the Russian Union of Engineers brings forward. The behavior of the West speaks volumes: they are embarrassed and try to cover up the case. It is obvious and embarrassing that the Dutch government is so completely in the pockets of the Americans that the former willingly helps to cover up the deaths of 200 of their own compatriots.


No shrapnel.


Vineyardsaker is at the moment probably the ‘hottest’ and smartest pro-Russia blog around, commenting the events in the Ukraine and its geopolitical implications. The comment sections are a treasure trove of interesting links to information you will never see via the MSM. It is maintained by a Russian, raised in Europe and currently residing in Florida. Here a summary of his hypothesis, which is not presented as the final truth (“here is my totally primitive and possibly completely mistaken hypothesis“):

– MH17 was shot down by a Su-25. The Saker denies that this plane can’t fly higher than 7000m, it can reach over 10,000m. All the pilot needs is an oxygen mask and warm clothing. Drawback: at 10,000m a Su-25 is slower than a Boeing. At lower altitudes however, a Su-25 can reach speeds up to 3000 kmh, more than three times as fast as a Boeing.
– The shootdown was done with its lite-weight R-60 heat seeking missile, 2 m long, 44 kg, 3 kg warhead, range 8,000 m. The Russians said that the Su-25 was 3-5,000 m away from the Boeing.

– How did the Su-25 locate the Boeing? In comes the 3 BukM1 transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) and the at least one early warning (long range) radar which all had just been moved in the day before MH17 was shot down, and then immediately withdrawn. The radars of each Buk TELAR and the long range early warning radar whose signal have been detected by the Russians could have easily guided the Su-25 to its target, either by a encrypted datalink or even by radio commands.
– The R-60 heat seeking missile hits one of the engines, which loses power, causing the plane to make a sharp u-turn and quickly loses altitude. This enabled the Su-25 to get closer to the Boeing and start firing using the board canon and its 30 mm ammo, with a range of 4,000 m, shredding the cockpit.
– The initial R-60 was not enough to cause a catastropic depressurization of the Boeing and the pilot had the opportunity to report the explosion to air traffic control. That is why the recordings were confiscated by the Ukrainian secret service SBU.
– If the Boeing had been destroyed by a Buk the depressurization would have been immediate and catastropic and the pilote would not have been able to report anything.

[facebook Pepe Escobar – Max van der Werff]

Notorious critic of the US global empire, Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar embraces the analysis of the Dutchman Max van der Werff, who refutes the Buk theory.

Video: July 27, 2014. Dutch state broadcaster NOS (and US lapdog; the Netherlands in general is to Washington what the GDR of former fame was to Moscow) produced this animation with in their view ‘the most likely explanation of events’. Gist: Rebels only had Buk missiles, no radar and no command vehicle. If they had, they would have known the true identity of the MH17, now they only saw an aircraft. They shot it down by mistake. The NOS produces 3 pictures of parts of the plane that should prove shrapnel damage, causing immediate and catastrophic depressurization, causing the plane to break apart.

This picture represents the version of what the US State Department wants us to believe: the plane is hit by a rebel operated Buk (“Putin’s missile”) and due to Newton’s first law of inertia, the parts of the plane descend in a straight line forward & downward, like warm p*** in the snow. Right.

But then there is major inconvenience Max van der Werff, who compared the last position of MH17 (16:09:55 local time), as recorded by flightradar24 and the actual location of the crash site. Important difference: the crash site is behind the last recorded position of MH17 in the sky. Flightradar is reliable, see here how it works. So what happened? The plane was indeed hit, but still could fly and made a complete u-turn.

Our take

Let’s see what we have for eyewitnesses…

Here eyewitnesses who confirm that the Boeing was trailed by a fighter. And also that the plane made a U-turn, before it crashed. Tellingly, the BBC who produced the video, deleted the video.

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Independent confirmation of the fighter trailing Boeing is provided by Carlos Buca and his twitter feed. Can’t have been an ad hoc ghost account, since the twitter account originated from August 2010.
[Carlos Buca twitter feed]
The first tweet appears [16:21], 12 minutes after the last recorded regular position of MH17. It is unlikely that anybody can produce these tweets, unless you have full knowledge of what is going on and Borispol airtraffic control is such a location. The twitter account was four years old!

Note that almost everywhere a wrong spanish-english translation is used of this original Spanish tweet: “El avión B777 voló escoltado por 2 cazas de ukraine
hasta minutos antes, de desaparecer de los radares,
“. This is translated everywhere as “The B777 plane flew escorted by Ukraine jet fighter until 2 minutes before disappearing from the radar,“, but if you play a little with the text in google translate, the correct translation should be “The plane flew B777 escorted by two fighters Ukraine until minutes before disappearing from the radar,”. The “2” relates to the number of fighters, not number of minutes.

Here a video that shows the launch of a Buk from [1:58]:

The missile is 5.5 m long and weighs 690 kg. Note the column of smoke (launch contrail
) that should have been visible from launch to impact. No such eyewitnesses exist, where there should have been dozens, if not hundreds! The eyewitnesses who watched the MH17 perform a u-turn should have noticed the Buk. Reason why they did not: there was no Buk!

Here another video that illustrates the large amount of noise that is generated during launch and the rest of the flight. This should have been noticed by dozens if not hundreds of ‘earwitnesses’, but these do not exist.

Here again the OSCE employee, who was one of the first to arrive at the crash site while the wreckage was still smoldering and stated that all the evidence points to machine gun fire and not a missile.

Here an animation of how a Buk works and specifically that shrapnel damage:

Verfiy the extensive library of MH17 debris photographs that the shrapnel damage, that should have been visible on all the remaining parts, is in fact not there:

[List of MH17 airframe parts]

Only the cockpit shows extensive damage, likely from machine gun fire. Here is the very detailed pdf showing the damage: [pdf][source]
[more high res cockpit window frame]


Chief of the Russian Land Forces’ tactical air defense troops Maj. Gen. Mikhail Krush said… However, a guided missile launched by a Buk missile system leaves behind a specific smoke trail as it flies, like a comet. In daylight this trail can be clearly seen within a radius of 20-25 kilometers from the missile system. It cannot remain unnoticed. There are no eyewitnesses to confirm there was any. No one reported a launch. This is one thing,” he said. “Second. The holes left by the strike elements on the Boeing’s outer skin indicate that the warhead blew up from below and sideways. A Buk missile strikes the target from above,” he said. “The damage done to the plane suggests that a different missile was used. Our guidance method is a zoom, when the missile strikes the target from above covering it with a thick cloud of fragments” the general said.

Black boxes:

– First reports of finding black boxes on July 18: [independent]. Pro-Russian separatists in the region said on Thursday (the day of the crash) they had found one black box.
– Hand-over ceremony black boxes to Malyasian authorities: July 21, 9 PM Ukrainian time [].
In other words, in theory Moscow had enough time (4 days) to download the data from the black boxes, if it had wanted to do so. Maybe they did. If they know what’s good for them, they should have.

[] – Moscow-Based Aviation Authority to Take Part in Deciphering MH17 Data in UK (July 23, 2014).

“On 22 July 2014 an official representative of IAC joined the work of international commission on the investigation of the incident with Boeing 777 aircraft which was established after the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution and will participate in the reading of flight recorders “black boxes” data in the UK,” the IAC statement says.


According to other rumors, the black box for this crashed Malaysian Airlines flight was taken by Donetsk separatists. A spokesperson for the rebel group said this black box would be sent to the Interstate Aviation Committee headquartered in Moscow. The First Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, Andrew Purgin, stated that the flight recorders of the crashed aircraft will be transferred to Moscow for examination. Sources say the Rebel group leadership hopes this would confirm the Ukrainian military actually shot down this aircraft. This was reported by the news agency Interfax-Ukraine.


The statements made by eyewitnesses, the declarations of the Russians, the tweets by Carlos Buca, the damage patterns, the behavior of the authorities in Borispol, the behavior of the West are all coherent. This was a pre-conceived false flag operation carried out by (parts of) the Ukrainian government with the aim to frame Russia and stoke the flames of conflict. Yes, there were one or two planes trailing MH17. They likely fired one or two R-60’s first, which took out one or both of the engines. The pilot made either a u-turn on purpose to return to the nearest airport, Donetsk, or the plane made the u-turn because of the sudden loss of power in one of its engines. The pilot discussed with Borispol about what happened and probably had asked earlier what these fighters were doing he had seen on his radar. That was the reason why the conversations needed to be confiscated by the SBU. At lower altitude finally, the fighters could get near the plane and started to aim at the cockpit with the purpose to take out the pilot and finally succeeded in downing the plane. There was no Buk. If there had been, many eyewitnesses would have seen the launch contrail as well as heard the thundering sound of the missile, blasting into the sky. We can only hope that the Russians obtained a copy of the data stored on the flight recorders first, before they handed them over to the Malaysians, so they can set up the West for the Mother of all Embarrassments, if the necessity arises. That embarrassment would dwarf the one that came with the release of the Victorya Nuland ‘Fuck the EU’ phone call. If this scenario were to materialize, it would mean game, set and match for Russia on the propaganda front. Let’s hope it does and that eventually the US can abdicate peacefully as the world’s self-styled ‘benevolent hegemon’, just like the USSR did in 1991.

Additional data

[photographs] Large number of pictures collected by Jeroen Akkermans of Dutch television

Dutch government map, indicating which parts of the crash site have been searched (green), unsafe (orange) or access refused (brown)


Detailed study by a German pilot of the remains of the MH17 cockpit [pdf] reveals that the cockpit of MH17 was machine-gunned. From the article:

The facts speak clear and loud and are beyond the realm of speculation: The cockpit shows traces of shelling! You can see the entry and exit holes… This aircraft was not hit by a missile in the central portion… So what could have happened? Russia recently published radar recordings, that confirm at least one Ukrainian SU 25 in close proximity to MH 017. This corresponds with the statement of the now missing Spanish controller ‘Carlos’ that has seen two Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the immediate vicinity of MH 017. If we now consider the armament of a typical SU-25 we learn this: It is equipped with a double-barreled 30-mm gun, type GSh-302 / AO-17A, equipped with: a 250 round magazine of anti-tank incendiary shells and splinter-explosive shells (dum-dum), arranged in alternating order. The cockpit of the MH 017 has evidently been fired at from both sides: the entry and exit holes are found on the same fragment of it’s cockpit segment!


Our take: this explaines why most fuel was still in the aircraft and exploded on impact, not in mid-air, which would have been the case if the plane had been hit by a massive missile like a Buk:

Russian subtitles only.

The official western explanation of the MH17 disaster, based on the work of a mysterious British blogger Bellingcat aka Moses Brown and refered to by all international MSM is that a rebel-operated Buk unit with id=312 shot down the plane. Now a witness has stepped forward, who claims to be a Ukrainian crew member of said 312-installation and stated that this unit was under Ukrainian control all the time and also that is very unlikely that this unit was responsible for the attack.

[] – Shooting Down MH 17 – BUK 312 Story False Says Ukraine Crew Member

(Link contains complete English transcript of the testimony)

Editor: the very fact the incompetent Clouseau’s of the Ukrainian intelligence bureau SBU, essentially a branch of the CIA, came up with a sound track that should prove that the rebels did it, but had time stamp of a few hours before the attack took place, should give you a clear indication who really did it. Not that we needed any more proof to point at the real culprits…

UPDATE 20-12-2014:

[] – Buk system Kiev claimed rebels used to take down MH17 was under control of Ukrainian forces – Ukrainian soldier

Editor: no reaction from Bellingcat so far, the main proponent of the Buk-theory and predictably picked-up by all MSM.


A detailed analysis about all aspects concerning the hypothesis, as promoted by the West, that MH17 was brought down by a Buk missile, operated by rebels.

Summary article, linked to below.

Explanation how a Buk system works; three networked, yet independent parts: missile launcher (Transport Erector Launchers with Acquisition Radars, known by the acronym TELARs, four missiles each), radar station (horizon 140 km), command and control center. The radar station can identify the plane, the launcher acquisition radar cannot and as a limited horizon of 42 km. They plane flew with a speed of 900 kmh or 1 km/4 seconds. The missile can reach speeds of mach 3, meaning that it would take ca. 10 seconds to reach a target at 10 km altitude, flying straight over the launch installation. The missile launcher can work stand-alone, but cannot identify the plane and sees no difference between a Boeing and a Cessna.

Image 2 shows the regular trajectory, as well as the location were MH17 deviated from it. The blue ellipse depicts the debris field.

Flight altitude 33,000 feet. Pressurized cabin to a degree of 7,000 feet atmospheric equivalent. A damaged fuselage means that the air stream will further pull the fuselage apart. Due to inertia the plane can continue for another 20-30 km before it crashes. Human bodies were reported to fell out of the sky near Rozsypne, which means that passengers were violently ejected from a disintegrating plane. The heavier parts landed near Hrabove, 5k to the east. This roughly spans the debris field. Before the catastrophe the plane proceeded along a 118 degrees trajectory, after the hit that changed to 90 degrees (west-east). The location where the hit occurred is extrapolated by drawing a horizontal line from the debris field to the normal trajectory. Residents from Torez heard two blasts at 16:20, others only one. Ukrainian ATC reported that MH17 went missing from the radar at 16:23. The author(s) of the article then go on with assuming that the only way for Buk operators to identify a plane is their own Buk system, but this ignores that there other ways to determine the identity of a plane, namely using a common smartphone with flightradar24 app. With such a device you can see the plane coming hours in advance!

Next the autor(s) continue with debunking the claims by The Telegraph, that had reported locating a Buk firing position to the southeast of the town of Snizhne.
The site was located using photographs provided by the Ukrainian SBU. A blogger attempted to locate the ground position of this smoke contrail using landmarks
contained in the photograph. This suggested a firing position to the south of Snizhne:

The author(s) shows that this location was 15 km out of range for a Buk M-1, it could never have reached the MH17.

[] – Full article.

Our take: the best way to debunk the Buk claims is by pointing out that there are no eyewitnesses for the launch contrail nor the sound of a Buk blasting off into the sky, where there are several witnesses observing one or two explosions high in the sky.


In 1978 a Korean airliner KAL902 was shot down by the Soviets. The damage however was limited and the plane managed to land on a frozen lake near Murmansk. The point to make here is that if a Boeing gets hit by a ‘light-weight’ R-60 missile, the result does not necessarily need to be catastrophic, unlike an interception with ‘heavy-weight’ Buk. The Su-25 that possibly shot down MH17 can carry R-60 missiles. This should be kept in mind when studying the hypothesis that the MH17 engines were first disabled by one or two R-60’s (matching the one or two explosions, as referred to by eyewitnesses) and the MH17 was finished off by 30 mm machine gun fire, which could have caused the depressurization and subsequent disintegration of the plane.

[wikipedia] – Korean Air Lines Flight 902


– Was it a fighter jet that attracted a Buk?

Gist of the theory: Ukrainian army was busy with routine training of the use of Buk missiles. For that purpose, two SU-25 fighter jets were sent up to act like a target. These planes crossed the flight path of the MH17. Somebody accidentally pushed the button and inadvertently the missile was launched. The Buk missile is programmed such that it always seeks the largest target, in this case the MH17. So this theory proposes that MH17 was accidentally shot down by the Ukrainian army.

This theory would account for the several SU-25 eyewitnesses, the admitting by the Buk-producer that MH17 was indeed brought down by a Buk. But it doesn’t account for the absence of a Buk launch contrail.

[] – Im Zweifelsfall zählen nur Fakten
(In case of doubt only facts count, August 2014)

Author: Ralf Rudolph, born 1938 and during the Cold War lived in East-Germany.






New theory proposed by the Dutch blogger Erik Toonen: MH-17 could have been shot down by Georgian SU-25 fighter jets, while flying home from Dnepropetrovsk to Tbilisi/Georgia, after having participated in NATO exercise Sea Breeze.

Georgia is a country that would like to become a NATO-member and that owns SU-25 fighter jets, that have been upgraded in Israel in order to adhere to NATO standards.

Erik Toonen accepts that the recent Russian research by Albert Naryshkin, concluding that MH-17 was attacked by an Israeli made Python-4/5 missile, explains much better what happened to MH-17 than a R-60 missile. Georgia does own a number of these missiles.

SU-25 with Python (left) and R-60 missile mounted.

Operation Sea-Breeze ended on July 17, that fateful day. Erik Toonen claims to know with certainty that two Georgian SU-25 made a stopover in Dnepropetrovsk, officially for refueling, but also for new A2A weapons to be mounted as well as 23 mm canons. Toonen says he can’t prove that Python missiles were stored at Dnepropetrovsk, but he is working on it. The upgraded Georgian SU-25’s are the only ones with a pressurized cabin, eliminating western arguments that a SU-25 couldn’t have downed the MH-17 because these planes can’t reach the required altitude.

Motive? Toonen points at Ihor Kolomoyskyi as the one who gave the order to shoot down MH-17. A possible motive are the resources of Donbass, including shale oil and gas and the Burisma Holdings Ltd, owned by Kolomoyskyi. But you can’t exploit resources if the region is in the hands of the separatists. Both Kolomoyskyi and the US have invested billions in the region and want return on investment. Kolomoyskyi has his private army and the US wants to militarily support Kiev, against the will of the EU (f*ck the EU, remember?).

Kolomoyskyi has a plan. He owns Buk-missiles which he stations near the front at Shakhtarsk, days before July 17. According to Toonen had it been the intention to down a passenger plane with a Buk. The videos of a Buk installation had been prepared in advance and even mistakenly posted on the web one day too early. The entire operation was planned by Svyatoslav Oliynik, the righthand man of Kolomoyskyi.

The entire operation was planned by Svyatoslav Oliynik, the righthand man of Ihor Kolomoyskyi. He has the privilige to inform his boss op 17 juli that MH17 is downed by a A2A-missile. I know this because Svyatoslav Oliynik was chatting on 17 juli with Valery Geletey (minister of Defense from 14 October 2014), Borislav Bereza (member of the Rada, extremely Jewish and good friend of Kolomoyskyi) and Anatoly Gricenko (memeber of the SBU and presidential candidate in 2014). Svyatoslav clearly explains that Ihor is terribly angry that MH17 was downed in the wrong manner and that all preparations were worthless (the videos). He also says that he doesn’t know how to tell this to Pjotr (Petro Poroshenko), because he will skin them alive.

The intention was a false flag Buk-operation, to be blamed on the rebels. Motive? NATO expansion for the US and resources in Donbass for Kolomoyskyi. Toonen suggests that the US was in on the operation in advance.

Why Georgian SU-25’s? Because Michail Saakasjvili had enough influence with the Georgian military to get the job done and he is anxious to see Georgia become a NATO member. He could have been rewarded for this action with his post in Odessa.

Editor: we do not embrace or reject this story. The Georgian angle is interesting because of the upgraded SU-25, the Georgian NATO membership motive and possible Python damage pattern. But where does pilot Vladislav Voloshin fit in the story, who returned to his base?

[] – 18-07-2015, MH17: Een jaar later
[] – 20-02-2015, MH17: Toch een SU-25 betrokken?
[] – 26-02-2015, De man achter MH17: Ihor Kolomoyskyi?


The Australian Government is sure the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) investigation of the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 will fail to identify the precise cause of the crash, and will be inconclusive on who and what were responsible. A report, termed final by the DSB, is scheduled for release on October 13

Details of the published but unreported treaty papers, along with evidence gathered by Australian coroners and pathologists from the MH17 victims’ bodies, reveal that suspicion a Russian-made ground-to-air missile did not cause, and could not have caused, the crash and the deaths had become a conviction among the investigators at Hilversum by November of 2014; that was just three months after the July 17 catastrophe.

[] – MH17 – Why the investigation will never end, the evidence never seen

Editor: again our best understanding of what happened with MH17… one of the motors was hit by a small R-60 missile, causing the observed sharp U-turn and the pilots were finished off with gun fire. Perpetrator: most likely a Ukrainian jet on orders of the governor of Dnepropetrovsk Kolomoisky (who thought that the plane carried Vladimir Putin) or perhaps Georgian jets, returning home from a NATO exercise in Ukraine.


RT reports:

A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a group of old-hand aviation security experts maintains that the Boeing might have been downed by an Israeli Python air-to-air missile.

The gist is that the damage pattern leads to the conclusion that it couldn’t have been a ground-launched Buk, but a lighter warhead, equipped with a ‘radar-homing’ device:

The missile that attacked MH17 had a passive radar homing head, which explains why the missile exploded so close to the cockpit. Under the radar-transparent nosecone of a Boeing 777-200 there is a surveillance radar station operable during the flight, so most likely the missile homed on to this radar as the target.

MH-17 – location where warhead exploded, 0.8-1.6 m from cockpit.

This would eliminate the idea that MH17 was shot at using a canon with 30 mm rounds. Hence the necessity that the US-25 should have been very close to MH-17 no longer exists; MH17 could have been downed from a greater distance with a A2A missile, which could help explain why MH17 was perhaps misidentified (Vladimir Putin doesn’t travel with Malaysian Airlines as far as we know).

Editor: so far we have been focused on discerning between two scenario’s:
a) western media + NATO asset Bellingcat promoted idea of a ground-launched Buk
b) SU-25 firing a R-60 missile + board cannon

The very fact that most damage was done in the cockpit area, made as tilt towards the second explanation. The potential use of an Israeli made Python changes the picture completely, eliminating the need to consider the use of a board cannon in order to solve the puzzle.

Google(“MH17 Python”) leads to this Dutch blog, that hypothesizes about a link between MH17 and an Israeli made Python as early as September 24, 2014:

[] – Evidence that MH17 was shot down by a surface to air missile

As stated, the damage could have just as well been done by an air-to-air missile which for various reasons would make much better sense. The wreckage shows only signs of battering at the cockpit, while a Buk SAM would have logically struck it at the center of the fuselage and filled the entire plane with punch holes. For example, the Israeli manufactured Python-5 air-to-air missile has a sophisticated guidance system which can have it strike any pre-determined part of a target.

[] – Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17
[] – mirror

[] – Hoe schaakspeler Poetin het #MH17 spel wint


This map outlines the intended (blue) and actual (red) flight path of Malaysia Airlines flight 17. The flight crashed in eastern Ukraine Thursday, July 17, 2014.

Long detailed article examining all the evidence that can be found on the internet. Just like Bellingcat, but with different conclusions, tentatively embraced by most prominent Dutch MH17 examiner Joost Niemoller:

  • No proof that the separatists had a Buk installation
  • No proof that above Eastern Ukraine a military plane was ever brought down by a Buk
  • None of the internet pictures of Buk installations prove that the separatists had a Buk installation
  • There are many reasons to doubt that the white missile contrail photos of a Buk launch, published by RTLnieuws are authentic
  • The audio recording of separatist leader, who admits to have shot down MH17, are showing signs of manipulation
  • The tweet by a popular rebel leader, supposedly dmitting that separatists had brought down MH17, originates from an unclear, non-official account. Moreover, merely was established that the downing had taken place, despite the warning not to fly over the area

[] – MH17: Examination of evidence from social media

Dutch language video.

The most prominent Dutch independent thinker regarding the MH17 case speaking freely about the disaster. He clearly leans towards the opinion that Kiev was behind it, but he also remarks that over the past 30 years there have been 20 cases like MH17 (civilian airliner downed with military means), but in not a single case proof was given about who did it. And in the MH17 case the stakes are so high that it is even less likely that the true culprit will be found and brought to justice.


MH17 crash site. Dark red area result from burning fuel. Most fuel was still in the plane, that would not have been the case if the plane had been splintered by a Buk:


[] – Washington’s blog – The MH17 Crash: US Veteran Intelligence Officers Slam the Flimsy “Intelligence” Against Russia. July 30, 2014.

[] – Peter Symonds – Kiev Government Military Offensive against East Ukraine Blocks MH17 investigation. July 30, 2014. Reason: Kiev has no interest to find the real culpritts behind the MH17 desaster (probably because Kiev itself was responsible).

[] – Interview with rebel leader Igor Bezler, the man who supposedly shot down MH17, if we are to believe the Ukrainian secret service SBU (we not necessarily do). July 30, 2014.

Western media demonization campaign in full swing.

[] – Anne Williamson. July 30, 2014 – Stop! Thief! Stop!, about the looting of the Ukraine.

[] – Wer ist der Kriegstreiber? (Who is the war monger?). One of the vilest western media attack dogs no doubt is the German der Spiegel. If you read between the lines of their defense against being called a war monger, it is obvious that they have received a lot of flak from angry readers, to the tune that it scares the shit out of them.

Press conference by rebel leader Strelkov. Mentions in passing the find of dead black mercenaries in a destroyed tank.

[] – Paul Craig Roberts – War is coming. 28Jul

[] – Julie Lévesque – The Malaysian Airline MH17 Crash: Sixteen Central Issues Which Cannot be Ignored. 26Jul.

[] – MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed “False Flag”.
To date, Kiev has refused to acknowledge or explain why the plane was moved into position in this way. Moreover, Interfax news agency reported that Ukraine’s SBU security service confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew immediately after the incident. Unlike rebel fighters, the Ukrainian military is in possession of some 27 BUK missile systems capable of bringing down high-flying jets, and forensic satellite imagery places at least 3 of their launchers in the Donetsk region on the day of this tragedy.

SU-25, supposedly trailing MH17 at 4 km distance and same altitude.

Published on June 20, 2014. Putin’s economic advisor reveals the massive militarization of Ukraine, intended not only to crush Donbass, but to re-take Crimea, and be the puppets to start another world war for further consolidation of the US hegemony over Eurasia.

[] – Wayne Madsen, May 26, 2014 – “Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014″: Another U.S. Style Violent Regime Change?

[] – Paul Joseph Watson on Savage Nation: Ukraine Should Release MH17 Info. July 23, 2014
Paul Joseph Watson reminds us that in the case of the Malaysian airliner that went missing, control tower conversations with the airlines were released within three days. Why did Kiev confiscated these recordings. Why hasn’t the Dutch led investigations team not yet released these tapes? What are they afraid off ? What are they hiding?

Gepubliceerd op 25 jun. 2015 – Emeritus hoogleraar Karel van Wolferen legt uit hoe het komt dat de pers een totaal verdraaid beeld geeft van wat er gebeurd in de Oekraïne. Joost Niemöller spreekt met hem in de Libertijn in Den Haag met de Onafhankelijke Pers. Joost Niemöller heeft het boek geschreven MH17 de Doofpotdeal. Waarom maakt de Nederlandse regering een afspraak met een potentiële verdachte, nml. Oekraïne? Hiermee ligt de uitkomst van het onderzoek al vast. De Pers kan maar niet op dezelfde conclusie komen. Is er een complot of is het een gebrek aan intelligentie bij de gehele media?

[] – Oekraïne en de gevaarlijke expansie van de VS.


The Bliar and Porky, the handpicked rulers of Ukraine, all in the interest of the US global empire.

Well, well, well, all the usual NWO suspects are assembling in Ukraine. Saakasvilli governor of Odessa and now Tony – WMD – Blair has been appointed Kiev advisory council. This comes on top of a large number of foreigners who were handpicked (by Washington of course) to take a seat in the ‘Ukrainian’ government: Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius (Lithuania), Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko (United States) and Aleksandr Kvitashvili (Georgia), to name a few. Just to make sure that US interests will prevail, not Ukrainian. And US interest is create as much conflict with Russia as possible, using their unpaid Ukrainian underlings, the greatest suckers between Lisbon and Wladiwostok.

The Biden gang behaving like true colonizers and exploiting the fact that Ukraine doesn’t have environmental standards, just like at home.

People from the Ukrainian central bank admitting that the Americans immediately looted confiscated 99% of the gold and brought it to the US. Ukraine will never see it back, and neither will the Europeans ever see their gold back, unless we come and get it, the hard way. Or unless you are willing to cooperate in a very dirty cover-up operation, like the Dutch government was prepared to do in the case of the MH17.

What’s next? George W. Bush nominated as the new governor of Dnepropetrovsk? Dick Cheney as the new vice-president next to Porky?

Poor Ukrainians, they thought they were going to be member of the ‘first world’ and the ‘club of winners’. No such luck. Even minions like Mikheil Saakashvili have admitted that Ukraine is going nowhere (other than being used as a weapon by the US against Russia). They are going to be plundered to the hilt, their children are going to be sent to fight against Russia, the country that refuses to bow for the AngloZionist looters.

[] – ​‘True friend of Ukraine’ Tony Blair tapped by Poroshenko to join Kiev advisory council
[] – Who Are Ukraine’s New Foreign-Born Ministers?
[] – Poroshenko wants to see foreigners heading ‘Ukraine’s FBI,’ fill Cabinet positions

It is difficulty to find a politician more repulsive than Blair

After meeting with Poroshenko in Kiev, the former UK leader told reporters that Ukraine faced “great challenges” from “Russian aggression” and “corruption.”

Tony Blair, lying the West into Iraq for a few shekels causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, worrying about ‘Russian aggression and corruption‘, that’s rich.

How does the world get rid of Soros, Blair’, Biden, Poroshenko, Breedlove, McCain and the invisible ‘bankers’ in the background?


There is the unwritten geopolitical law that every political actor gets about one century to dominate, which would mean that Anglosphere is in its final years.

Too esoteric for you? Than watch this:

There are no signs that China is losing momentum. In reality, looking at the graph, China is rapidly approaching the posh MH17 airliner USA from under through the clouds, like a shabby Ukrainian fighter jet.


– Summing it up



Every single item from the checklist below itself is not enough to prove that Kiev did it. It is the summation of all ‘snippets of evidence’ that leads to the inescapable conclusion: Kiev did it.

  • Testimony Canadian OCSE observer.
  • Testimony by three Ukrainian women, who had seen a jet trailing MH17, heard explosions and saw that MH17 made a U-turn thereafter.
  • Refusal Kiev/West to release the last minutes cockpit conversations.
  • Round bullet holes, only in the cockpit area and nowhere else.
  • Russians showing radar images showing that a jet was trailing MH17.
  • Redirecting the MH17 flightpath towards the Donbass conflict area.
  • If a Buk missile would have been involved, dozens of people should have witnessed a ten kilometer long launch contrail [1:31], as well as heard the Buk blasting [0:26] into the sky. Nothing of the sort was the case.
  • The Telegraph had suggested that rebels had fired from a location south of Snizhne. It can be demonstrated that the range of Buk does not suffice to bridge the distance.
  • Western media and politics are silent as the grave about MH17 (by now they all realize what really happened). Der Spiegel even backed down after weeks of demonizing Russia.
  • Kiev had a motive, namely to put as much dirt as possible on Russia in order to generate moral and financial support. The West that is trying to unhinge Ukraine from the traditional century old Russian sphere of influence has a motive to back Kiev up.
  • Eyewitness account by twitterer and Borispol ATC employee Carlos Buca, who had a twitter account since 2010, with no less than 10,400 tweets, who started to twitter minutes after the disaster had occurred about what really happened, namely that MH17 was shotdown by a Ukrainian jet, on behalf of the Interior Ministry.
  • Very uneasy Ukrainian ambassador answering questions by Malaysian interviewers.
  • Pathetic Ukrainian attempts to blame Russia.

Adding this all up leaves not a trace of doubt about who did this.


[] – MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag


– Links

[] – MH17 de Doofpotdeal
[] – Episode 294 – Crashes of Convenience: MH17
[] – Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


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