The United Kingdom was a Creation of the Dutch Army

The fleet lay stretched out across the English Channel, mainsails billowing under an easterly wind, 20 ships in line abreast and 25 deep, filling the water between Dover and Calais. Crowds gathered on the white cliffs of the English coast to watch. But they were not cheering with pride and pleasure – because the display of naval power and military might they were witnessing was not theirs. This armada was not an English one. It was from Holland and it was about to invade these shores.

[] – The 1688 invasion of Britain that’s been erased from history

In the light of Brexit and the possible end of the United Kingdom as a single united territorial state, it is time to retell the story of how the UK came about, before the British disappear from history, only to return as English, Scottish, united Irish and a Caliphate London.

The UK, understood as an extension of English power into Scotland and Northern Ireland, is essentially a direct consequence of the Dutch invasion of the British Isles in 1688. On May 11, 1689, William III accepted the Scottish crown.

The reason for the Dutch to invade England was to organize a Protestant regime change there and capture its fiscal resources, in order to use England as a Protestant bulwark against the Catholic French king Louis-XIV. Due to this action, the Dutch could eventually terminate the 40-year war, Louis-XIV was waging against the Netherlands since 1672. And since the operation was financed by rich Dutch Jews, you could call this operation the first color-coded revolution in world history, color orange. The Jewish stake in this was that they favored philosemetic Protestantism over antisemitic Catholicism. The philosemetic angle of Protestantism was an unintended consequence of the “freedom of religion”, the Protestants advocated in order to conquer their place under the sun in a majority Catholic Europe. The rise of Protestantism is the most important factor in the spectacular rise of the Jews in the modern world, most of all in Britain and America, today dubbed as “Anglo-Zionism”, a movement that has set itself the task of global integration, a project that is now about to fail spectacularly, thanks to Trump, Putin and Xi.

BBC documentary “British History’s Biggest Fibs”. It took the British 3 centuries to finally admit that the Dutch invasion of 1688 was a display of raw military power, rather than weasel explanations about a secret invitation.

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The Scots keep the EU-flag waving over their parliament, post-Brexit.

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The Dutch people are generally seen as the pioneers of capitalism, and their emphasis on a modern economy, secularism, and a free market has been hugely influential worldwide.

[] – Quality of Life. The top 10 countries that are the best to live in are all white-capitalist-protestant: Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, Germany.

They are living according to a model that was realized first in the Netherlands after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, when the Netherlands emerged as the premier Protestant power in the world. It were the Protestant English refugees and the Dutch that constitute the true origins of the United States in the two competing New Netherlands-New Amsterdam (“New York”) and New England-Boston projects. After 1648, the Catholic kings of England and France, envied by the smashing success of the Netherlands, began to plot for the overthrow of the Netherlands, culminating in the frontal assault of both countries, supported by Catholic German bishops in 1672. The Dutch, after a terrible 18 months, were saved by the water (intentional inundation) and the destruction of the British and French fleets at the hands of the greatest military genius the Netherlands has ever produced, Michiel de Ruyter.

Recent examples of annual Orange marches, celebrating the event that turned most of the British Isles in a unified Protestant-capitalist country, with central banking and corporate structures, creating the conditions for the British empire, apart from coal and the steam engine in the 2nd half of the 18th century, a homegrown development and 2nd necessary condition for the world’s largest empire in history coming into being. The fact that British celebrate their Britishness in Orange marches is sufficient proof that Great-Britain is a direct consequence of the Dutch invasion army of 1688:

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The Dutch are coming! Disembarking near Brixham, Devon, SW-England.

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