“End of Empire – Taiwan Could Be to the US What Suez Was to the UK”


[hoover.org] – Cold War II—Just How Dangerous Is China?

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute quotes Niall Ferguson (2021) after [36:48]:

“As a student of history, I see a very dangerous situation. The US commitment to Taiwan has grown verbally stronger even as it has become militarily weaker.” This is the nightmare. “Perhaps Taiwan will turn out to be to the American empire what Suez was to the British empire in 1956, the moment when the imperial lion was exposed as a paper tiger. Losing Taiwan will be seen all over Asia as the end of American predominance. It would cause a run on the dollar. It would be the American Suez”

Well Peter, not just in Asia, but in Europe as well, that smells its chance to roll-back “1945” escape from empire and regain its sovereignty.

Europe is well-advised to stay out of this and have secret talks with Russia about how the world should look like, after empire, in the unlikely case they haven’t already. Massive geopolitical change is coming, the West’s “1989” of its own.

[parisberlinmoscow] – France Keeps Pushing Reset EU-Russian Relations
[parisberlinmoscow] – Russian EU Ambassador Offers Europe “Unlimited Cooperation”

[rt.com] – ‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini
[rt.com] – Going for gold: Russia to eliminate US dollar from sovereign wealth fund THIS MONTH amid warning of politics sabotaging currency
[bbc.com] – Nord Stream 2: Biden waives US sanctions on Russian pipeline
[politico.eu] – Ahead of NATO summit, France urges Europe to muscle up
[politico.eu] – Meet Macron’s Mr. NATO, Hubert Védrine
[parisberlinmoscow] – The Unraveling of the United States


US retreat from Saigon, 1975. US and South-Vietnam defeated by tiny North-Vietnam. China took notice. They easily usurped Hong Kong, soon Taiwan is next. Very few countries have diplomatically recognized Taiwan and nobody denies it is Chinese. Oh, and Taiwan is the #1 microchips foundry of the world. A Chinese take-over will have far greater impact than that of Hong Kong.

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