The Case for Scottish Independence and Irish Unification


The best argument for Scottish independence and Irish unification is for Scotland and Ulster to model itself after the Irish Republic.

Ireland Scotland Ulster
Cultural heritage Celtic Celtic Celtic
Original language Gaelic Gaelic Gaelic
Official language English English English
EU-member Yes No No
GDP-PPP/capita ($1000) 99 41 33
Population (m) 6.6 5.5 2.1
Area (1000 km2) 84 78 22

The GDP/capita differences between the Republic of Ireland vs Scotland and Ulster are staggering. The idea that the Irish are somehow vastly more competent in wealth generating than people from Ulster or Scotland, is intellectually unsatisfactory. A more reasonable explanation is that the Irish Republic is a sovereign country within the EU, where Ulster and Scotland are “trapped” in a very centralistic UK, are quasi dependencies, where everything hinges around the London metropolitan area. London being one of the richest metropolis in Europe, where regions in the north of the UK are among the poorest in Western Europe and Ulster even the poorest, illustrates the point.

Ireland’s wealth could be explained in that it is English-speaking, the language of globalism and EU-member. Being Irish based gives direct access to the largest economic area in the world and as such is attractive to direct foreign investment. But these arguments apply to Scotland and Ulster as well. There is sufficient reason to assume that both Scotland and Ulster will be better off as EU-members.

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