The United Statelets of Europe


Could it be that the now seemingly immanent dismemberment of the UK, will set in motion a development that eventually would lead to the dismemberment of most European states, enabled by the presence of a new Great Protector, a.k.a. the EU?

The map above appeared in the deceased Dutch beer tycoon Freddy Heineken his 1992 book “The United States of Europe, A Eurotopia?”. Heineken hired two historians, who came up with the pictured map of 75 European statelets, between 5-10 million inhabitants each and get rid of toxic old-school nationalism once and for all, without giving up on the idea of a homeland. The borders are not drawn artificially, but are rooted in regional history, culture, identity, as much as possible.

Let’s face it, the old, large European states made themselves impossible with WW1 and WW2, inviting foreign powers to colonize Europe. The European Union was born out of the ruins of both wars, but is still dominated by large states and their quiet rivalries. Why not concentrate on and protect the enormous common heritage: classic Greece and Rome, Roman Law, Christianity, chivalry, science, high European culture, architecture and art, Enlightenment, capitalism, social laws, environmental awareness, renewable energy program, space program, EU standards, the list goes on. Why not conquer the universe, rather than going at each other’s throat for a third time. Asking the question is answering it.

[] – The United States of Europe, A Eurotopia?
[] – Freddy Heineken
[] – Is the tide turning on Irish reunification?
[] – Scottish independence: Yes 51% – 49% No
[] – Welsh independence: How worried should UK ministers be?
[] – Scottish independence: Is Cornwall more like Scotland than England?
[] – Northern Independence Party
[] – Denis de Rougemont – L’Avenir est notre affaire (1970’s proponent of regionalization of Europe)

[source] – Lega leader Matteo Salvini in 2014, promoting splitting off northern Italy (“Padania”) from Italy proper.

[source] – Flemish identitarian Philip de Winter promoting the split of Belgium.

[source] – Nationalism on the left in Catalonia. Catalonia did declare independence, after a rogue referendum, but was suppressed by Madrid. Brussels studiously didn’t interfere.

Scotland, more nationalism on the left.


1. Island, Reykjavik
2. Norwegen, Oslo
3. Schweden, Stockholm
4. Finnland, Helsinki
5. Dänemark, Kopenhagen
6. Brexit-Region Schottland
7. Irland, Dublin
8. Brexit-Region Northumberland
9. Brexit-Region Lancaster
10. Brexit-Region Wales
11. Brexit-Region Mercia
12. Brexit-Region Ost Anglia
13. Brexit-Region Essex
14. Brexit-Region Wessex
15. Brexit-Region Kent
16. Holland Zeeland, Den Haag
17. IJsselland, Arnhem
18. Flandern, Brüssel
19. Hennegau, Lille/Rijssen
20. Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg
21. Hannover, Bremen
22. Brandenburg, Berlin
23. Sachsen, Dresden
24. Westfalen, Münster
25. Nordrheinland, Düsseldorf
26. Thüringen, Erfurt
27. Rhein-Moselland, Mainz
28. Frankenland, Nürnberg
29. Bayern, München
30. Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
31. Posen, Posen
32. Silesia, Breslau
33. Danzig, Danzig
34. Warschau, Warschau
35. Galizien, Krakau
36. Böhmen, Prag
37. Mähren, Brünn
38. Slowakei, Bratislava
39. Österreich, Wien
40. Noricum, Graz
41. Picardie-Normandie, Rouen
42. Ile-de-France, Paris
43. Burgund, Nancy
44. Neustrien, Nantes
45. Aquitanien, Bordeaux
46. Auvergne, Lyon
47. Provence, Marseille
48. Galicia-Asturias, Santiago
49. Kastilien, Madrid
50. Navarra-Aragon, Bilbao
51. Katalonien, Barcelona
52. Valencia, Valencia
53. Andalusien, Sevilla
54. Portugal, Lissabon
55. Schweiz, Bern
56. Piemont, Turin
57. Lombardei, Mailand
58. Venedig, Venedig
59. Toskana, Bologna
60. Umbrien, Rom
61. Apulien, Bari
62. Neapel, Neapel
63. Sizilien, Palermo
64. Ungarn, Budapest
65. Kroatien, Zagreb
66. Bosnien-Herzegowina, Sarajevo
67. Serbien, Belgrad
68. Albanien, Tirana
69. Siebenbürgen, Klausenburg
70. Moldawien, Bacau
71. Walachei, Bukarest
72. Bulgarien, Sofia
73. Nord Mazedonien, Skopje
74. Griechenland, Athen
75. Zypern, Nikosia
A. Monaco, Monaco
B. Lichtenstein, Vaduz

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