German Media Try to Destroy Armin Laschet & CDU


Over the years, the German media were gentle with Merkel, because she followed the US-globalist party line. The opportunist Söder, a sort of German Boris Johnson, would have played ball with the media as well. Not so Armin Laschet. Expect ALL the German gleichgeschaltete [*] media to wage a hardly concealed war against Laschet and the CDU until the elections. German media represent US deep state interests only, just like Eastern European media before 1989 promoted Soviet interests only. This post will be continuously updated until then to illustrate that policy. The sequence is anti-chronological: the latest on top.

[*] – “gleichgeschaltet” means in the German context of 2021: “coordinated” to serve the globalist, open borders ideology of the US empire.

In the entire prominent German MSM scene, Focus is the exception and doesn’t glorify Baerbock, much in contrast to: der Spiegel, die Zeit, die Welt, N-TV, die Sueddeutshe and others.

[] – Frank Thelen über Baerbock: “Von ihr möchte ich nicht regiert werden” (I don’t want to be governed by her, May 11)

Armin Laschet invited at talkshow “Anne Will”, May 9. Predictably, all the other guests are lefties. The goal is to bash Laschet, humiliate him, keep on harping if Soeder would not have been the better candidate, etc., etc. Laschet survived the ordeal.

“Armin has been fooled”. German media continue to make fun of Armin Laschet. Der Spiegel will never mock leftist politicians. Political agitprop, dressed up as humor.

[] – 9 May, 2021

Der Spiegel further tries to humiliate Laschet in portraying him as a loser. “Were is the upswing?”, der Spiegel asks delightful.

[] – Wo bitteschön geht’s zum Aufbruch? (May 4, 2021)

It’s getting too much, even for some MSM-journalists. Jan Fleischauer is an outlier in the German media landscape and a little bit right-wing. He wonders if the media glorification of Baerbock could backfire.

[] – Im Baerbock-Bann: Wie Elite-Journalisten die Grünen ins Kanzleramt zu schreiben versuchen (May 3, 2021)

Armin Laschet gets important support from former chancellor Schroeder! Laschet needs to talk to Schroeder and try to engage him for a post as minister. Schroeder is 77, Adenauer was still chancellor with 87. Would be a super coup!

[] – Laschet für Union „richtige Entscheidung“
Altkanzler Schröder spricht über Söders Fehler und warnt vor den Grünen

Some media paddling back (27 April):

[] – Warum die Lobpreisung der Annalena Baerbock gefährlich ist

Der Stern (The Star) has understood that the media went too far and this could backfire.

[] – Vier Gründe, warum Laschet trotzdem Kanzler wird

N-TV mentions 4 good reason why Laschet will be chanellor anyway.

Die Zeit is really breaking through all boundaries, call Baerbock: “THE SUPERIOR ONE”


Spiegel cover April 26 Baerbock product placement: “THE WOMAN FOR ALL CIRCUMSTANCES”. A sort of female Batman. They would never position Armin Laschet in a similar favorite light.

Der Spiegel: This fall, a politician with the Green Party could become German chancellor for the first time. Annalena Baerbock is a far more dynamic candidate than her conservative and center-left competitors – and she could be poised for a senior position in the next government, if not the country’s top political office.


The Greens peaked in 2011 at 28% (Forsa, April 6, 2011), only to land at 8% in the 2013 election.

[Wikipedia] – Opinion polling for the 2013 German federal election

This just in: a picture of Baerbock and the #1 public representative of the US deep state, George Soros, the Open Society monger, who promotes mass immigration to both the US and EU to destroy European Civilition. Baerbock herself had posted this picture at her Instagram account. Thanks Annalea, you just scored a brilliant own goal! No further questions, your honor!

[] – April 26.

Baerbock, a nice peaceful treehugger, concerned with the environment and poor little refugees? Forget about it, this ruthless warmongering neo-bolshevik is the strong arm of the US deep state and NATO, that wants a new cold war with Russia, in order to topple Putin, incorporate Russia into the West and put it under custody of US-oriented oligarchs a la Khodorkovsky again, like was the case between 1991-2000 and is de facto the situation in the Ukraine. Once Putin would be down, the US could dictate a globalist order to China. That’s the strategy of the US and its vassal regimes. She wants to bring the Ukraine into the EU and NATO and play hardball with China. She gets her marching orders straight from Washington. She and her Green Khmer neo-bolsheviks need to be stopped with all means, with a broad national front from al parties. The hardness she wants to apply to Russia should be applied against this green maffia.

[] – “Mit Dialog und Härte” (“With dialog and hardness”) April 24.

Rudolf Scharping was an SPD-chancellor candidate, who failed miserably. Die Zeit frames Armin Laschet as a loser.

[] – Armin Scharping (25 April)

Subliminal message: Der Spiegel propaganda presents Baerbock as “inevitable”, the only one in the German political landscape who embodies a “New Start”. Note that Baerbock and Habeck are preferably shown WITHOUT and Laschet WITH mouthcap.

[] – An ihr kommt keiner mehr vorbei (25 April)

There you have it: Söder follows the media party line and praises the opposition and media darling Baerbock and distances himself from his colleague Laschet, with whom he has an alliance. The media are afraid that Laschet is a little too European and wants to distance himself from the US empire and turn to Russia, just like former chancellor Schroeder did, the ultimate nightmare for the US.

[] – Markus Söder warnt Armin Laschet vor einer “Politik ‘Helmut Kohl 2.0′”

That’s quite a statement! Apparently, for the media, the political giant of German and European unification has fallen from grace. Why? Well…


As far as we know, Helmit Kohl received Viktor Orban at least twice and for the western media, Viktor Orban is an enfant terrible, a political no-go-area. Orban is a full-blooded identitairian “Hungary-Firster” and by receiving him, Helmut Kohl made a strong statement against the reckless immigration policies by Angela Merkel.

[] – Helmut Kohl backs Orban’s line on migration

[] – “Die (Merkel) macht mir mein Europa kaputt” (2011)

[] – Merz’ Gender-Krieg ist billiges Kalkül

[] – Pure Ideologie: Merz muss Laschet retten – und will die Gender-Sprache verbieten (Laschet portrayed as a weakling, who needs to be saved)

[] – 22-04-2021

[] – 20-04-2021 – Baerbock, with sunflower as nimbus. North-Korean style propaganda technique, albeit less martial:


[] – Klaus Schwab his “Young Global Leaders” program

Contains the names: Sergei Brin, Annalena Baerbock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emmanuel Macron, Jens Spahn, Sebastian Kurz, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg.

One would almost become a “conspiracy theorist”, after inspecting this list. Well, well, well… Macron, Kurz, Spahn and also Baerbock.

[n-tv] 22-04-2021 – Laschet portrayed as a self-doubting loser.

[source] Former German foreign minister Joshka Fisher and the butcher of Iraq, former US foreign minister Madeleine Albright. In Germany there is no party more aligned with US deep state interests than the Greens. Some people maybe confused about the Greens, after all, didn’t they refuse to follow the US into Iraq? Well, no. It was Fisher’s boss, chancellor Schroeder the closet anti-American [*], who principally was opposed to this Iraq safari, that had no other purpose than to attempt to incorporate Iraq into the US empire. The truth is that Fisher, that obese war monger, was very well willing to go along. As every good communist, Fisher adheres to the Stalinist adage that you can’t have an omelet without breaking an egg. And if hundreds of thousands are going to lose their life, so be it

[*] – Schroeder once confided on German television that the only thing he liked about America was Elvis.

*** UPDATE 19 April 2021 *** Against our expectation and to our delight, the CDU leadership choose Armin Laschet as chancellor candidate. Expect the German media, under soft-control of the CIA, to continue their war against Laschet. Instead, they will attempt to talk Annalena Baerbock to victory in September 2021.


[] – Der Spiegel didn’t trust to add a North-Korean-style nimbus around Söder’s head, but they would have loved to. Instead, they placed a soft nimbus at the bottom.

Subliminal message: Söder is supposed to be “greener” than Laschet, hence Söder is preferable.

[] – Lobo pretends that the handling of Covid disqualifies Laschet from becoming chancellor.

[] – Überraschte Politiker sind schlechte Politiker


So what’s the beef, der Spiegel and all the other media have with Laschet, that fuels their outright hostility against him?

Well, he is a little too Russia-friendly and too critical of the US and der Spiegel only promotes US-imperial interests, just like the East-German Neues Deutschland before 1989, only promoted Soviet and SED-interests:

[] – Was die Putin-Versteher in Deutschland antreibt

“Die Welt” ranks Armin Laschet together with Gerhard Schroeder and Alexander Gauland and correctly so.

[] – Armin Laschet

[] – Armin Laschet: A Merkelian Putinversteher?

Our view: Laschet is NOT Merkelian, he is more of a CDU-Schroeder.

September 7, 2019. Laschet and Schroeder, two of a kind: pro-Russia, pro-economy, pro-Europe, mildly skeptical about the US. Schroeder predicts that Laschet would be candidate chancellor, giving him a leg-up with his “prediction”. Schroeder would be right. A master stroke would be if Laschet would propose Schroeder as super minister in a Laschet-led CDU-SPD-FPD coalition. Anything to keep the Greens out.

[source] – Schröder: Ich wette auf Laschet als Kanzlerkandidat

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