German Social-Democrats Support EU-Army


The leader of the German SPD has signaled he is willing to support the creation of a European Army. By doing so, he follows the lead of French president Macron, who has been calling for an EU army for some time now.

Comparative military strength:

Power Troops
EU 1,411,000
Russia 900,000
Europe combined 2,311,000
China 2,035,000
USA 1,018,000

[] – Center-left candidate in Germany favors EU army
[] – Olaf Scholz spricht sich für EU-Armee aus
[] – Germany’s Merkel calls for a European Union military
[parisberlinmoscow] – EU Army HQ Brussels
[parisberlinmoscow] – US Deep State Throws Imperial Towel in the Ring
[parisberlinmoscow] – The F35 is Dead – Damage $1.75 Trillion R&D

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