The F35 is Dead – Damage $1.75 Trillion R&D


US MSM Forbes has published an article, declaring the F-35 stealth fighter “a failure”. Reason: advanced yes, but too expensive and too unreliable. Price tag $100 million per plane. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown Jr. has said that the USAF should aim for a limited number of F22s and F33s, flanked by a large number of fighter jets with more modest specifications. Apparently, the F22 is seen as a failure too. The F35 and F22 planes paradoxically “R&D-ed” itself out of existence, by attaining levels of complexity nobody oversaw anymore. The F35, basically one big computer bug.

The US military now opts for developing a new, lighter and simpler plane that is supposed to replace the aging F16s. Based on historic experience, it can take 5 years to build a prototype and another 5 years to set up a production line. A decade to come up with an airplane that is less sophisticated.

Fifteen years after the F-35’s first flight, the Air Force has just 250 of the jets. Now the service is signaling possible cuts to the program. It’s not for no reason that Brown has begun characterizing the F-35 as a boutique, high-end fighter in the class of the F-22. The Air Force ended F-22 production after completing just 195 copies.

The wine will be tasting excellent in military circles in Russia, China and even in Europe. The latter has high-class and functioning Euro fighters and Rafales. This development will signify another shift within the western alliance, to the benefit of Europe.

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Update 28-12-2021: [] – Justice served for China as UAE scraps F-35 deal

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