The Disaster for the UK that is Brexit


If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea. Every time I have to decide between you and Roosevelt, I will always choose Roosevelt (Churchill to de Gaulle in 1944)

Delusional chap with funny red bus engages in wishful thinking, while behind him his country falls apart, thanks to his actions.

Nigel Farage: “The European Union are fighting for survival”

The truth is that the only union fighting for survival is the “United” Kingdom. Kiss Scotland and Ulster goodbye. Expect Farage to move to Russia in 2 years time, as a political refuge, after some benevolent mediation from Arron Banks, once the remaining English find out about the true scale of the economic disaster that is Brexit. Farage, Arron Banks his useful idiot, who used him “to get Brexit done” and pave the way for Russia to finally become a willing European country.

The City of London is the most important economic asset, the UK has. Or had?

[] – Furious Bank of England chief accuses EU of double-standards and warns shutting the City out will hike costs on the continent – as Amsterdam overtakes London to become Europe’s biggest share trading hub


Many firms may not survive Brexit chaos unless ‘solutions are found’, expert says. Many firms may not survive the current Brexit disruption following the end of the transition period unless “solutions are found” to improve trading with the EU, the director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce has said.

“Those who dismiss these as ‘teething troubles’ miss the point,” Adam Marshall told Sky News.

“Quite a lot of firms are facing existential issues because they simply can’t move their goods across borders at this point in time and many, including some in the shellfish industry which you referenced earlier, may not survive unless solutions are found.”

You can find his comments in full below:

[] – London’s ‘Golden Age’ as Europe’s financial capital is over, says NatWest chair

[] – Scotland is on the same path as Ireland a hundred years ago – the independence movement will be very difficult to stop – Patrick Cockburn

[] – A united Ireland is close, and Irish America is key

Note that the GDP per capita in Ireland is a staggering 3 times as high as in Ulster, that with 20k euro is even below Bulgaria (24k). Reason: EU membership and massive US direct investment, milking the fact that Ireland is an English-speaking country within the EU. Expect an independent and EU-member Scotland to enjoy exactly the same advantage and prosperity as Ireland, that is one of the richest countries in Europe.

[] – Paris overtakes Heathrow as Europe’s busiest airport

Paris has overtaken Heathrow as Europe’s busiest airport following a sharp drop in passenger numbers at the London travel hub. Heathrow’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye called on the government to introduce pre-departure coronavirus tests and to create an airbridge with the US as the number of travellers using the airport continued to fall. He warned that Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports were “gaining ground” after Paris Charles de Gaulle overtook Heathrow as the continent’s major airport for the first time ever.

Summarizing, we know no better symbol for Brexit-Britain as the Black Knight from Monty Python, who keeps losing limb after limb (Scotland, Ireland, City, Wales, Gibraltar) that bravely but foolishly keeps on fighting against a superior EU enemy, 7 times his size, against whom he has no chance.

Here the opinion of the unelected head of the US deep state, Richard Haass:

The US deep state, including Democrats, don’t like Brexit at all, as they (correctly) see it as a weakening of the West and post-WW2 transatlantic alliance (US empire, really), inducing people like Macron calling NATO “brain-dead” and making overtures towards Russia. An EU-Russia merger would be the worst of all Washington’s nightmares. Therefore, Joe Biden is in no hurry to do Boris Johnson a favor with US-UK trade deals and implicitly give US blessing to Brexit:

[] – “U.K.-U.S. Trade Deal Is Likely Years Away as Biden Shifts Focus” (26-03-2021)
[] – “US congressman warns a future US-UK trade deal is in the balance” (12-03-2021)
[] – No thanks, Joe! Boris urged to walk away from UK-US trade deal after Biden’s latest swipe

BORIS Johnson has been urged by readers to pull the plug on tentative talks aimed at thrashing out a lucrative UK-US trade deal after US President Joe Biden’s latest swipe at Britain.

Even the champs of the UK gutter press, by far the worst in Europe, has understood that their delusional “special relationship” isn’t worth anything, it doesn’t exist. UK-2021 is a master in creating enemies, be it Russia, China, the EU and even their “friend” the US, that has never seen Britain for anything else than its private useful idiot to get WW2 started in Europe, gives the UK the cold shoulder. To make things worse for the UK, the US has a president with Irish roots, who is keen on keeping peace in Ireland and secretly perhaps even wishes for an Irish reunification. Britain-2021 is even more isolated as Germany was in 1914. Poor Britain.

Meanwhile, the Northern Ireland Protocol and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement are as good as dead. Expect old ethnic-religious tensions to flare up, with the IRA smelling its chance that this time they could prevail in a disintegrating UK, with Scotland giving the example:

[] – Westminster warned as poll shows record backing for Welsh independence

Survey for ITV News Tonight reported ‘dramatic uplift’ with 40% backing independence and most support amongst young people

According to the latest poll, is Scotland heading for a “Super Majority” for the forces of independence:

[] – Poll predicts pro-independence ‘supermajority’ as Sturgeon says Covid may have encouraged indyref support

[] – Brexit-skeptic site, keeping track of consequences

More Brexit videos:

Evaluation of the latest trade figures March 2020 – March 2021. Germany massively up with China, EU, US. The UK trade is down.

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