Towards a Celtic Union?

The UK: the next Ukraine? Yugoslavia? A Celtic Union would solve a lot of continental European problems. No more geopolitical ticking time bomb on our doorstep, ready to team up with the US, USSR or God knows who in the future, to get us destroyed..

Many agree that the United States and its empire, aka “The West”, are walking on its last legs. The end of the US would mean that, after the demise of the USSR, the last globalist entity would bite the dust and with it the failure of the “anti-racism” concept to assert itself would become common knowledge. “Anti-racism” was the core battle cry of the US, while attempting to unite the entire world and erasure borders and local identities. The death of the anti-racism-propaganda could pave the way for a return of the identity-concept: ‘you are what you ancestors were over the past centuries, if not millennia’, replacing the Marxist globalist progressive creed.

More in particular it would mean the end of “Global-Britain”, the anti-identitarian battle-cry of the Brexiteers, the only populists on this planet who actually seem to go along with abolishing Britishness. Brexit, after all, is mostly defined by an anti-European hostility, rather than the conservative drive to protect English identity. Brexit is about Empire, not necessarily the British Empire of former fame, that’s a passed station, but the rule of Anglosphere, the empire-of-last-resort. It’s about the Churchillian “History of the English-Speaking Peoples”, the victors of WW2, the Anglos, whose ambition it is to unite the world under the banner of said English-Speaking-Peoples.

But that project is clearly running out of steam, not because the British (English rather) aren’t motivated to continue, with Brexit as proof, but because the US is throwing the imperial towel in the ring. Brexit: all dressed-up and nowhere to go. Many anticipate that Scotland will almost certainly leave the United Kingdom, current Scottish pro-independence attitude prevailing with 58-42%. But also the Welsh are stirring in the secessionist pot:

A “landmark” report setting out a possible roadmap towards independence in Wales has been launched by the nationalist party Plaid Cymru. The report argues that only independence can bring a fundamental improvement to the Welsh economy, claiming the country struggles not because it is too small or poor but because it is “trapped” within an economy shaped in the interests of the City of London.

Expect the global landscape to change drastically after the downfall of empire and a resurgence of Celtic identity is a strong possibility.

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The myth of the English as “Anglo-Saxons”:

[] – Did the Anglo-Saxon era really exist? Expert claims Germans never ‘invaded’ Britain and the Romans continued to influence English language, religion and culture long after the fall of the Empire in 410AD

Probably highly exaggerated “Anglo-Saxon” migration pattern. The English are to be seen as the remnants of Celtic civilization, albeit with a lot of Germanic contributions to the English gene pool (Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Normands), more than Scots, Welsh, Cornish or Irish, who remained closer to their Celtic roots.

Celtic expansion in the 3rd century BC. The collapse of Celtic civilization at the hands of the Germanics can perfectly explain why the English, as the last remnants of Celtic civilization, are so anti-continental European. {WW1, WW2, Brexit}, three separate phenomena, but drawn from the same source of anti-European resentment, rooted in millennia of experience.

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